NameNotFound's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Send me a PM specifying the characters that you want in the story, their personalities, how you want it to play out, and the amount of words. The better you describe it, the easier it is for me to write the story. If you want me to add some special little details, be sure to tell me about it.

I'll allow pretty much any kind of character. However, I beg of you: Whenever you tell me the characters you want in the story, please describe them as best as you can. This doesn't only apply to OCs, it also applies to anime characters and such: I'm not that cultured, so any bit of info helps.

Number of words: 1000 minimum, 4000 maximum (might change in the future)
Even though this is the limit of words, you can always commission me twice.

If I think that you can't describe what you want that well, or if I feel uncomfortable with the idea, I have full right to refuse your commission. To avoid any inconveniences, I'll only ask for payment once you explain the idea and I start writing it.
I'll present the first 500 words whenever I'm done writing them. I'll ask your opinion on it. If you approve the story that has been written so far, then I'll ask for payment so I can continue writing it. If you don't like it, then I won't have to give you a refund, and I'll just cancel the commission. This is just to make sure I don't waste several hours on a story only to have people asking for a refund.

My schedule shifts around a lot, but if you commission from me, I'll keep you updated on the story.

I also accept trades, but only for art. However, for paranoid reasons, you need to show me an example of what you'll do for me. Tell me the details of what you want and, based on what you'll give me, I'll tell you if I approve it or not.


I now MIGHT accept requests. If you want one, send me a PM with some details. However, these will be limited to 4 characters max and probably won't be too long unless I feel really inspired. If I do a request, I won't be focusing on the number of words too much. I'll just let my fingers type whatever they want. Do keep in mind, I'm free to turn down your request if I don't find it interesting, or if I don't like the idea, etc.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do, and loves:
- Unbirth
- Lewds
- Same size
- Silly situations
- F/F
- F/M
- Willing and unwilling prey, as well as willing and unwilling preds. Anything goes!
- Safe vore
- Oral vore
- Anal vore
- Digestion / implied digestion (as long as it isn't super detailed, I just do the melty type)

Will do:
- Cock vore
- Micro prey
- Clean bone disposal
- Macro pred
- Tail vore

Will not do:
- Absorption
- Hard vore
- Male preds, or male on male lewds
- Scat
- Watersports
- Gore (a little blood might be fine if you want a yandere or something, but no more)

Anything else, just ask.


To keep prices simple:

The minimum you can ask for is 1000 words, and the maximum is 4000, as said above.

Base cost (includes 1000 words and 4 characters): 9 euros
+2 additional characters (max of 6 characters total): 3 euros
+ 1000 words: 3 euros

I might charge extra for some other stuff, but that's open for discussion.
Payment will be done through Paypal.

Note: Because I'm starting this all back up after so long, I will make a 20% discount over the total cost.


Any questions? Send me a PM! Or if you'd rather contact me on discord (I'm way more active there), here it is: NameNotFound#2516


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