Naxsivad's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes



Price List / Examples:


Contact: I STRONGLY recommend that you communicate with me over Discord (Naxsivad#7793) or Telegram (@Naxsivad).


Prices are for one character with no background.

Clean Lines
Illustration $20 usd
Comic Page $35 usd
Ref Sheet N/A
Sticker/Icon N/A

Extra Character +$5 usd
Background +$5 usd

Flat Colors
Illustration $25 usd
Comic Page $45 usd
Ref Sheet $40 usd
Sticker/Icon $10 usd

Extra Character +$7 usd
Background +$7 usd

Shading / Details
Illustration $35 usd
Comic Page $60 usd
Ref Sheet $55 usd
Sticker/Icon $15 usd

Extra Character +$10 usd
Background +$10 usd


Content: As mentioned above, there is no limit on the fetishes or content of a commission.

Extra Versions: Typically, a couple versions of your commission can be produced free of charge. For example, any commission that contains gas, scat, piss, cum, sweat, etc. will generally come with a clean version unless you specifically don't want one.

Our OCs: The following characters are available for use in commissions:
Nax the Mouse -
Veng the Cat -


Payment: Payment must be USD via paypal. Do not pay me until I agree to the commission. I will send you an invoice. Once I am paid via paypal, your commission will go on the queue.

Process: When your commission is next in line, I'll notify you when I begin working on it. I will send you the lined version first, then a colored version (if it was ordered), and finally the shaded version (again, only if ordered). Each time I send you a version, I'll take your notes into account for any adjustments, within reason.

Cancellation: I reserve the right to refuse any commission. I also reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time and you will be refunded. A commissioner can also cancel at any time, but will only receive a partial refund if I have already spent time on the commission. There are no refunds for completed art.

Posting: You are allowed to post any work I have done for you, as long as credit is given. You may not sell my artwork or claim it as your own. You may not edit any of my art, even if I drew it for you. I reserve the right to post art I've done for you, but you can remain fully anonymous as the commissioner.

Edits: I will make up to 2 edits on the final copy for free. After that, additional edits will be charged 5$ each. Any mistakes made by me won't count against this limit, but changes based on unclear description or decision changing will.


Comic Pages:

- A comic page typically contains 2-3 total panels, as needed. More than this may necessitate an additional charge.

- Comic pages can be vertical or horizontal and will be exported at either 1200x1000 or 1000x1200 (double that for the buyer's HD version).

- An extra large comic page can be requested, but in order for me to be compensated fairly, it will be priced as though it were multiple standard comic pages combined together to make the larger image.


Ref Sheets:

- A ref sheet contains a front and back pose, or a front pose and up to two anatomy closeups and/or facial closeups.

- Ref sheet also comes with flavor text, written by you or me, your choice.

- Additional poses and/or anatomy/facial closeups can be added for +$10.

- Clothing can be added to the front view for +$15 or the front and back view for +$20 total.



- A sticker or icon typically includes part but not all of a character, such as a bust or anatomy shot.

- If a sticker or icon becomes complex enough that it might as well be an illustration, you will be charged as though it were an illustration.

- A YCH silhouette only adds $5 because it's basically just lines.



In every above case, an extra charge may be added if the character, background, outfit, or any other part of the drawing is deemed to be overly complex and time consuming compared to average requests.


Discord: Naxsivad#7793
Telegram: @Naxsivad


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