Necromuncher's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


link to price-sheet:

you can choose from 5 different grades of detail plus three different types of outlines. the price
for the background can vary, depending on how much objects you wish to add.
note: backgrounds and character details can actually exceed the listed prices if they're overly
hard to draw (a maximum detailed six legged and four armed taur will cost more than the usual humanoid)

all prices in the bottom part of the sheet show the cost per-character (background will be counted only per-picture / per-page)
all numbers in the top right corner are indicating the price for said details in the pricesheet picture.

if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments or via PM.
i'm not always capable of doing a commission immediately, so i am asking for some patience, but i'll do my best to finish it ASAP.
i can send WIP if you wish. as soon as you receive the finished picture, you're going to relinquish your rights to get your money back in case of dissatisfaction, but i will try to make all necessary changes to correct the picture, if it is within my ability.

all commissions are paid up-front.
i reserve the rights to change or add any information in this price sheet.

if you have special wishes for your commission, i'm sure we can arrange something :)

Will Do / Won't Do

i can draw other things besides furry cooking as well, including all SFW topics as well as vore and some other fetishes.
though i'm definitely not going to do stuff like watersports, coprophilia or phagy, meat grinders and
things that really disturb me.
i'm also not really willing to do gory fetish stuff.
there are also many things i'm not used to draw, but i can perhaps try. just send me a personal message (PM) and i'll see what i can do :)


black & white: between 8,- and 12,- €

flat color: between 13,- and 18,- €

colored and shaded: between 14,- and 22,- €
+additional skin effect (goose bumps): 4,- €
+more complex shadows: 6,- €

complex picture: between 18,- and 34,- €

fully detailed character: between 26,- and 60,- €

wings: between 8,- and 20,- €
realistic fur / scales / feathers: between 25,- and 50,- €

blurry lines: free
sharp lines: 8,- €
no lines (specific lines that are vital for details will stay): 14,- €

==== per-background ====

blurry lines: free
sharp lines: 8,- €
no lines (specific lines that are vital for details will stay): 14,- €

low detail: between black & white and blurry drawn objects up to 16,- €
high detail: between detailed and maximum quality up to 80,- € (and possibly beyond, but not in general)

my prices are subject to change at any time and i can't guarantee prices on "reservations" as long as they're not paid. meaning if you ask me to wait till you can afford a picture, i can't wait for long, if i was planning to change my prices; but if you already paid the full amount, i'm not going to rise the price for your commission.


either via personal message on eka's
or on inkbunny
or furaffinity