NiceGuy18's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


I am a writer only. Do not ask me to draw ANYTHING at ALL! If you wish to have a certain story written, inform me and make sure it is within my likings.

This is what I would like when you want a commission.

1.How many words you would like it to be around.
2.What topic is it on. *If it isn't on my list of Wills and Won'ts, don't worry, just ask and I will think on it.*
3.A brief summary on the story so I have something to work off of. *If you rather have me choose what the story should be about, mention that in the PM.*

Payment will be due when you receive the final copy and you like it 100%. Don't weasel me out of a payment or I will not be happy. I may be a nice guy but no one tricks me out of a payment ever. I expect the payment within 36 hrs of recieving your final copy. If you miss a payment, I may start rejecting commissions from you. Sorry but those are the rules.

All Commissions created by me will be posted in my file a few days after creation. This way, those who bought it can post it ahead of time. If you can't post it because you don't have a gallery, no worries, it will be on soon.

Will Do / Won't Do

Fire Emblem
Xiana (Read the little biography on her to know who she is.
(I will probably put some more topics on eventually, but that will happen once I get more comfortable) If there is something else you would like me to write about, PM me and I will think on it.
Random characters and Original Characters.

Any vore where a female is a predator
Child Prey (M or F)
NO MALE PREDs. Not my forte. (Male prey, I am now OK with.)
Futanari cock Vore is a slight yes with me but not willing to do it all the time, just occasionally.
If there is a type of vore not mentioned, it is most likely OK. I only ask for no male preds
I am good with about any kind of vore. All I ask is NO HARSH VIOLENCE. Examples are harsh deaths, gore, and hard digestion. They don't seem to work right in my tales.
Robot Vore (I tried it out and I wasn't very crazy about writing about it. I am so sorry for those who like that style. This DOES NOT count vacuums and inanimate objects, just robots like the Transformers. Sorry again.)

OC's are ok too but it might take me some more time with these.


For a story with a word count between
1000-1999(Micro): $6
2000-2999(Average): $9
4000+(Goddess)(VERY RARE): $14 up to 5000 words +$2 for every 500 words after that.


PM me preferebly. It is easier for everyone this way I think.

Emailing me is OK also, but if you do, let me know who you are. My email is [email protected]

If there are any problems, PM me ASAP.