NoEnglishPlis' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Payment will be made through Paypal using US Dollars

How the commissions will work:
1: Send me a message through PM or my art email [email protected]
2: If I will accept, I will make a rough sketch
3: Once I'm done with the sketch, I will send you a link to the rough sketch (you will have 72 hours to check it and make sure it is all good)
4: Once you are happy with the rough sketch, you will make your payment and I will finish your drawing within a short amount of time.

*My paper is currently 11x14, used only pencils or color pencils, a single drawing only, and a maximum of two characters per drawing
*I will draw single image comics but they will be more expensive (max of 5 pages)

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do: Only Female Vore and Non-Vore only

Won't Do: No Male Fetish, Non-humanoid fetishes like: (Sonic characters, Animals, monsters, etc), scat, fart, nudity, unbirth, anal, etc.
If you have any questions about will do/won't do just send me a message


Line Art: 4.00$ (an additional 2.00$ an extra character)
Color Line Art: 5.50$ (an additional 3.00$ an extra character)
Full Color: 8.00$ (an additional 4.00$ an extra character)

Comic Related
Line Art: 5.00$ (an additional 3.00$ an extra character) per page
Color Line Art: 6.50$ (an additional 4.00$ an extra character) per page
Full Color: 9.00$ (an additional 5.00$ an extra character) per page


[email protected]