Nowaya's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


I'm not taking any additional request ideas at this time, sorry!

(Commissions are currently closed.)
Thanks for your interest, please read the rules below before contacting me about commissions

Payment will be done through a Paypal invoice before I'll begin work on the commission.

A few references for the characters will be needed, or a short description if no reference exists. Details about poses/dialogue/composition will be needed. Pose references would be appreciated but aren't mandatory.

Once work begins rough sketches will be provided for feedback and nailing down the posing. A more detailed sketch will be provided for final changes to the pose. Sketch Commissions (after adding a few optional accent colors) end here. Once the sketch phase is over no real changes can be made to the poses. Updated versions will be provided for color and shading feedback as work progresses.

If all that sounds okay and you're interested, contact me through PM or Email([email protected]) with your idea, and if it's something I'm interested in doing we can go from there.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will Do
Most Vore
Female Pred
Same Size
Weight Gain/Asset Expansion
Melty Digestion*
Probably other things too, just check with me to see if it's something I'm willing to draw

Won't Do
Masculine Pred
Real People

*("Melty Digestion", character losing solidness and eventually "melting" into goo. No gore)


Pricing is per character drawn.
Partial characters are reduced depending on how much of the character is shown. Exact pricing will depend on commission details.

Cleaned Sketch(Optional Accent Colors/Grey Tones) - $20
Sketch Limit 1-6 Scenes Per Slot

Full Color(Cel Shading) - $35
Full Color(Smooth Shading) - $50
Color Renders - Limit 1-2 Scenes Per Slot

If you're interested in something like a larger project, like a multi-page comic, contact me about it. If it's something I'd be interested in doing we can maybe work something out outside the normal commission slots.


For Commissions PM me or Email me at: [email protected] (Please include "Commission" somewhere in your subject)


  1. Status: Completed - Commission
  2. Status: Completed - Commission
  3. Status: Completed - Commission