Nummynumz's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No




Commission RULES:
By commissioning me you agree to the following terms.

- I will not draw images containing explicit nudity or sex toys. This includes artistic nudes.
- I will draw implied nudity, clothed pinups, and non-explicit nudity ("barbie doll" anatomy).
- I reserve the right to turn down any commission.
- Once you pay your commission slot is guaranteed. Please do not send payment unless you are sure you are financialy sound as refunds expire on paypal over time and end up charging ME. I will do refunds in the course of five days if you send payment but something suddenly comes up.
- NO REFUNDS ONCE YOUR PICTURE IS COMPLETED. I cannot stress this enough. I have had people in the past commission me for something, but wanting a completely different style and getting mad I wasn't 'hibbary' or 'balaa.' Im sorry but no, you see my gallery and know how I draw. You are commissioning me for MY art, not theirs.
- After the sketch is completed, but you want to cancel your commission, you must at least compensate me for my time. $15 is all I ask that remains with me when a payment is sent, I do a sketch for you (and its cleaned, not rough) but you want to cancel.
- If you do not reply to my emails after a week, and we had not discussed payment or you have just fallen silent your commission is canceled to free space on my list.No holding spots for an unlimited amount of time.
- Payment is through paypal ONLY.
- I will NOT start until payment has been sent.
- I will give you a sketch for approval IF YOU ASK FOR IT. If you do not ask I will not email to you and simply go through and complete it. You are allowed up to two edits on the sketch. MINOR EDITS. If you ask for one pose, I draw it, and you suddenly change your mind I WILL charge you.
- If you give me free reign, but I come up with a sketch and your wanting to change it completely (i.e. completely different pose)...I will charge you. I don't think its fair that you say "just do something cute or playful" but nothing else but then decide you don't like what I come up with...and want a new sketch for free. It can't work that way, sorry.
- Please allow me at least a month before you start messaging me about your commission.
- Send only ONE email, dont send multiples and spread information through several messages. Everything must be in one.
- Do not comission me unless you have all references handy.
- Please understand when I am doing a commission it is work. I am not interested in chatting with you when I am trying to get the work done. I try and be polite and kind to the people I work with, but I really dont have time to chat.
- Please dont think that when you commission me we are suddenly friends.
- Please speak clearly. No slang.
- I reserve all rights to the image and can post them on websites. However you as well can post your commissioned pieces, but my signature MUST REMAIN and you MUST NOT CLAIM IT AS YOURS.
- I reserve the right to sell prints of the commission or use them in image packs unless you are uncomfortable with this. Please let me know if this is so.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will Draw
-Soft Vore
-Maw Shots
-Maw Sitting
-Licking <3
- Belly bulges!
- Neck bulges <3

Won't Draw
-Hard Vore
-Adult/Mature works (no genitalia/sex)


Vore icons: $20 (anything not a mawshot)
Mawshot Icons: $30

Mawshot: $50
Small character in Maw, Headshot of Predator: $80
Character in belly: $90

Fullbod of Pred, cutaway of Prey in belly/throat:

+$10 charge for every pair of full size wings.

-1 Fullbody Character Sketch $40, +$25 for an additional character, +$10 for any pair of wings.

-$30 for a Halfbody Character Sketch, +$20 for an additional half body character, +$10 any pair of wings

-$25 for a headshot of a character with maw detail/ect, or just $15 without much detail.

To add color:
+$20 for inks and flats
+$40-50 to get inks, flats and full shading. Price depends on image complexity.

New commission type!

Comics: Done in a colored sketch style. Implied backgrounds included.
Each panel is $50-60, minimum of 4 panels per page. I'll be veeeery picky about who I pick for comic commissions! This has just been requested so often, I'm willing to give it a shot.

However I am now pondering on what to offer as well on TOP of that!

I was pondering on fullbody vore pics. Such as character's with full bellies, maybe with internal shots? Or characters with the remnants of their prey poking out of their maw?

I have no clue guys hahaha. Tell me what you are interested in! And what prices you think would be fair! I wana know! :)


You can message me here on Eka's, or respond to my commission open journals when I post them! :D

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