NyaatoShiroi's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


Suggestions: No femboy predators than Myuca, no female predators than genderbended Guildias or Myuca and my OC Celvis, no furry predators than my OC Inza the shadowed mouse, Nyaato the shapeshifting mochigami cat or Oegwipari as cat.

Only vastly under my specialities!

I love an very fatal, sensual, possessive, dark and very lovely Celdias (Guildias/Celvis) vore and shipping at most times.

Requests: Ask me.
Art trades: Ask me.
Commissions: Don't know yet.

1. If you want, then contract with me via PMs, tell me what do you want;

Suggestion of scenario: Share your favorite scenario/aspect/type/part of vore, but make sure its above my speciality*
* Unless it's safekeeping/safe digestion and oral soft vore with willing prey, of course, my second weakpoint.
* And if it's Guildias/Celvis vore or kinky idea, then you're welcome too.

Request: If you want to request, then.. be warned, I have rights to decline your requested idea, especially if some of preferences are in "May do" section, don't be upset, I am don't do requests for all, I do them almost same as suggestions, under my specific preferences.

Art trade: If you want to trade, then be prepared, it's because I am of course will "push" you about possessive, fatal vore with very predatory, dominant and confident Guildias* and I am have very little list of other predators.
* Unless you're don't do male predators, but then, sorry.

2. If I am accepted your RQ/AT idea, this isn't mean I am will do it immediately, spare my life a bit, I am may have RL issues like stresses, slow internet, lack of internet and chores.

3. Please send character/pose/etc references to draw, otherwise I am don't do it.

Point mistakes I did in sketch, or in worse situations, you're will be upset to see it in finished version.

4. It's okay to ask me how's my art doing, but without pushing me.

5. If I am not accepted your order, then sorry, I have reason to decline.

That's all.

Will Do / Won't Do

This list may or not may be updated!

Specializing in:
- M/F, M/?.
- Humanoid (either human, mutated, monstrous or demi) predator/prey.
- Blonde predator/prey.
- Evil predator/Undeserved prey.
- Satisfied predator/Unwilling prey.
- Unwilling predator/Willing prey.
- Willing to unwilling prey.
- Ambiguous willingness.
- Single predator/prey.
- Older predator/Younger prey.
- Adult predator/Child prey.
- Guildias from "Enzai" as predator.
- Oral soft/hard vore.
- Similar-sized, half-sized, doll-sized, size difference (No smaller than 30-40 cm).
- Fatal, realistic and painful digestion.
- Soft, melty digestion.
- Slow digestion.
- Shrinking belly.
- Mid-digestion belly humping.
- Post-digestion belly weight gain.
- Post-digestion sentient belly fat.
- Post-digestion life/energy/ability/memory absorption.
- Post-digestion meaningful disposal in burial urn/gift or treasure box.
- Post-digestion diaper/trousers/pants soiling.
- Post-digestion reformation with amnesia.
- Safekeeping.
- Belly rubbing.
- Round belly.
- Doughy belly.
- Dirty voracious talk.
- Voracious taunting.
- Voracious threatening.
- Voracious love.
- Voracious degradation.
- Voracious xenophilia.
- Predator talking to prey.
- Male dominance.
- Lima syndrome.
- Betrayal of trust, disregard of life.
- Unrequited love, rejected love, betrayed love, faux love.
- Twisted, unhealthy relationship.
- Possessiveness/obsessiveness.
- Grieving of death.

Will do:
- M/M, F/?, F/F.
- Belching.
- Same-sized partial swallowing (for example, prey's feet or hand is outside).
- Throat bulge.
- Mawshot.
- Internal view.
- Stomach external view.
- Hot/cold internals.
- Salivating/drooling.
- Mouth/throat/teethplay.
- Myuca from "Enzai" as predator.
- Hare/hamster/guinea pig/fish/jellyfish/shrimp/reptile/snake prey.
- Slime prey.
- Worm/insect prey.
- Egg/hatchling/bird embryo prey.
- Underage predator/prey.
- Same-sized, taller prey.
- Pregnant predator/prey.
- Casual/evil/platonic/romantic/sensual/sexual sense of vore.
- Belly with a bit of bulges.
- Post-digestion breast/butt expansion.

Non-vore SFW:
- Portraits.
- Half-body.
- Full-body.
- Chibi.
- Stylized (but only easy!).
- Simple positions.
- Simple BGs.
- Any gender of character.
- Anthro/furry character.
- Humanoid character.
- Pairings.

Non-vore NSFW:
- Rape.
- Hybristophilia.
- L0li/sh0ta NSFW content.
- Leash-and-collar.
- Brutality marks: Scars, bruises, wounds, branding iron burns, bite marks, whip wounds, broken bones, injection marks.
- Torture: Whipping, bone cracking, biting, burning, beating, electrocution, knifeplay, bloodplay, waxplay, breathplay.
- Dominant/Submissive.
- Bondage.
- Incest.
- Yandere-like behaviour.
- Sweat, breath and steam.
- Big breasts/butt.
- Fat belly.
- Stuffing.
- Pregnancy.
- Size difference.
- Crossdressing.
- Somnophilia.
- Attire fetish: Lingerie with stockings/pantyhose, suit, uniform, frilly dress, nightgown, pajamas.
- Gore and death: Amputation, dismemberment, tanatophilia, necrophilia, castration, penectomy, beheading, drowning, stabbing, asphyxiation, skull penetration, brain penetration, wound penetration, cardiophilia, decomposed corpse, lethal injection, poisoning.

May do:
- F/M, Other gendered predator (H/?, NB/?, Cuntboy/?, Trans/?), ?/M, ?/F, ?/?, Other gendered prey (?/H, ?/NB, ?/Cuntboy, ?/Trans).
- F, M, Other gendered observer.
- Snake, borm, slug, worm, slime predator.
- Femboy predator/my persona Oegwipari prey.
- Anthro/furry predator/prey.
- Pokemon predator/prey.
- Multiple predators (to 3-5).
- Multiple same-sized prey (to 5).
- Multiple similar-sized or doll-sized prey (to 5-10).
- Plant vore.
- Cell tail vore.
- Tail vore.
- Tentacle vore.
- Anal to thigh vore.
- Navel vore.
- Anal vore.
- Anal to butt vore.
- Breast vore.
- Cleavage vore.
- Unbirth.
- Vaginal to bladder vore.
- Cock vore.
- Cock to bladder vore.
- Macro mass vore.
- Macro planet vore.
- Soul vore.
- Vampiric vore.
- Liquid to oral vore, prey is absorbed into liquid and predator drinking that.
- Dress vore.
- Hair vore.
- Same-sized hard vore.
- Cooking and hard vore.
- Food transformation.
- Foodplay.
- Preparation.
- Imprints and detailed bulges.
- Hammerspace/bulgeless and flat belly after devouring.

Non-vore NSFW:
- Birth.
- Body worship.
- Body hair.
- Breast smothering.
- Facesitting.
- Headscissors.
- Feet/butt/thigh/breast crush.
- Quicksand/dirt.
- Hypnosis/trance.
- Masturbation.
- Sexual contact.
- Anal/vaginal prolapse.
- Feet/paw.
- Kissing.
- Muscle.
- Weight gain.
- Stockholm syndrome.
- Semen inflation.
- Vomit.

Never do:
- Femboy predator.
- Io from "Enzai" as predator.
- Unaware predator.
- Chaotic mass vore.
- Vacuum/suction vore.
- Extremely large belly.
- Extremely small micro.
- Rapid digestion.
- Long digestion.
- Belching disposal.
- Bone disposal.
- Toilet-focused disposal.
- Nyaato (my mascot) being eaten by Durer or Guildias from "Enzai", nor as non-canon.
- Oegwipari (my persona) being eaten by Durer or Guildias from "Enzai", nor as non-canon.
- Oegwipari (my persona) being digested.
- Oegwipari (my persona) being unwilling.

- Jose/Io, Jose/Gaise, Durer/Vallewida from "Enzai".
- Jose from "Enzai".
- Netorare.
- Yiff.
- Macro growth.
- Shrinking (only implied!).
- Non-vore scat/watersports/gas.
- Rampage.
- Merging.
- Water/air inflation.
- Hyper body parts.

Can't draw:
- Most of ferals.
- Characters with difficult design.
- Difficult BGs.
- Difficult positions.
- Most of sexual positions.
- Most positions in macro/micro.


Only your art if we are trading, lol.
Requests are free, as supposed.


Contact me on only PMs, okay?


  1. Status: Open - Please contact me about AT or RQ