OERN's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


If you send me a message and I can tell you haven't read this, I will probably tell you to read this.

Commission Status: Closed.
Trades: Case by case basis. Very rarely.
Requests: Closed.

Before you make a request or place a commission order, and because I don't want to spend 20+ PM's trying to figure out what you want from me, please compile what you want in a single message to the best of your ability beforehand. I'm not trying to be rude but it does get frustrating when people say they want a request but won't tell me anything about what they want right from the start. I don't know if I can't take your request or your commission until you tell me what it is. PM's are PM's, not instant messages. You don't need to get absolutely all of it out in one go and changes can be made after the first message for sure, but it will be more convenient for both of us if you have some specific idea of what you want when you come to the table.

1. Describe the predator(s). What do they look like? What species are they? What is their body type? What is their sex and gender? Do you have any references?
2. Describe the prey. Same as above.
3. Give me context for the setting. Tell me how you want the predator and prey to interact.
4. Give me specifics for character poses, types of vore to be involved, and/or particular details you want in the render.
5. Tell me what is forbidden from being put in the image.

If you don't have anything beyond a vague idea though I'm more than happy to work with that as well!

(Also, if you get a request fulfilled please consider a commission in the future!)

NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse a request or commission for any reason.


(If I feel that I am not able to complete a commission based on your order I will not take your money.)

Will Do / Won't Do

I will generally prefer to use OC's rather than established, corporately owned characters.
Do not ask me to use original characters in your commission unless they are yours or if you have the owner's permission/they've allowed blanket permission for others to use their characters.


-I have a preference towards endo/non-fatal.
-I am willing to render fatal vore, so long as you don't expect me to edit graphic digestion into a render.
-Gore isn't something I will do in a sexual context.
-I am comfortable with macro/micro and same size.
-Any and all body types are kosher.
-Any sex and gender of prey or pred, and pretty much any type of vore. (Male predators are fine too.)
-I will not render underage characters or senior citizens.
-I will not do scat or water sports but copious amounts of sexual fluids are alright.
-"Bone disposal" is acceptable if you absolutely must have it.

Feel free to glance through my gallery to get some ideas towards what content I'm comfortable with.

For 3d renders I currently don't have much in the way of assets for anthro or taur characters, though I am slowly finding more and more assets for this. Anything human should be readily available however.


I will give you a quote based on the description of the work you want from me. The more renders I have to create and the more adjustments/posing I have to do between renders will increase the cost of the piece.


You can contact me here via PM or note me on Furaffinity at https://www.furaffinity.net/user/oern/


  1. Status: Reserved - Mass Female/Herm Orgy Request for Aleihr_Hawk