Okioppai's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Send ALL details in the first note including :

- Character references
- Pose references of what you want, or things similar to what you want
- Extra details that you want that need to be specified
- The colour type commission you want from my sheet

If you don't have visual character refs or pose refs, I will decline the commission. I like having clear ideas to work from. I don't like coming up with poses and designs myself as I don't like making multiple unnessercary edits which could be avoided with proper reference details.

- If I accept I will do a sketch
- Once the sketch is approved I will ask for full payment via PayPal
- I take 2 forms of payment, cash on Paypal and (On the off chance I also take payments in expensive TF2 items, mainly unusual hats, keys, and australiums, if payment is done in this way you pay 15% extra)
- Once paid the commission is finished and is typically done within 24 hours of making payment


Will Do / Won't Do

What I will draw : Anything that isnt on the not draw.

What i WONT draw : Loli, shota, bloody gore, mecha, robos, armor.


Prices :

Lines - $40 for each character - Are Line art.

Twitter - $50 for each character - Flats with a little bit of blush and shine, like all my uploads to twitter.

Basic - $60 for each character - Has a layer of hard shading, lighting and overlay lighting. (Can choose between Soft or Cel shade)

Full - $95 - then additional characters $75 - Is fully coloured to my best skill. (Can choose between Soft or Cel shade)

Comic pages - $350 (for typically 4-5 pannels) more money for more pannels, price is discussed upon request.

- Tiny characters are $35 across the board.

- Fart variants are $15 - Alt variants are $25 extra, for example 1 version with hyper boobs and one without.

- Anything else you want like pannels/ backgrounds can be discussed.

What I draw : Pretty much anything including : Fetishes, macro, hyper, futa, fem, gas etc...

What I dont draw : Loli, Shota, Hardcore bloody vore, Gore, Metal/Mecha/Robots, armor

Vore costs a flat 25% extra of the full price.

Private commission charge is 15% of the full price.


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open