Okioppai's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


I only offer 1 type of vore commission, and the price differs from my regular commissions, very much like fart fetish commissions.

I do not do comic commissions. I do not offer pannel additions.

Will Do / Won't Do

Normal vore thats it, I dont touch anything related to loli, shota, mecha or gore.


As shown below, a scene, including the main character, eating or already eaten a character/s.

The basic price is $70 But :

- If the main character is in the process of eating another character (example, half the body is out of the mouth) then the price is susceptible to an additional + $10-$55 depending on how much is on show.
Example of additional price :

Just arm/leg + $10 - Both arms/legs + $20 - Legs and waist / torso + $30 - all body but head/ all body but feet + $55

- If you want an x-ray sorta commission showing 2 characters (The pred and the prey) then its simply double the base price, more characters in x-ray add again to the price.

- If you want scat included somehow in the scene, then that adds an additional +$50 (because thats how much it costs for me to draw something im not comfortable with)

- If you want fart additions that is an extra + $20 to the base price.

My prices are non-negotiable. They probably seem high to some people, but that's simply what I offer for this service. Feel free to go to other commissioners for this service. Im not forcing you to buy my stuff.

Thank you for reading, if you are interested in a commission and you have read through the prices and rules, then please PM me the details thank you!