Opis' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Upfront pay on PayPal. No refunds.

Will Do / Won't Do

No real people, no gore. If I ever deny a request, I will specify the reason.


----- VORE/FETISH COMS ------
I only do sketch, flat color, or cell shaded commissions! The price will vary depending on what exactly you'd like, but these prices should give you a general baseline.

The following prices cover each proportion respectively (ordered from head, half body, and full body):

Sketch | $25/$40/$55
Lineart and Flat Color | $40/$55/$70
Cel Shading (and line color) | $55/$75/$90

Complexity fee | +$25
-- this fee is charged if the request is mechanically demanding moreso than usual. Things like multiple characters (prominent appearance), dynamic angles, or overdetailed characters are considered.

Backgrounds | +$25
-- Backgrounds may be added to a piece. Note that I do not charge for simple ones. Be sure to ask for one if you want it!

Digestion/Internal View | +$25
-- An internal view that can be added to vore commissions.

Since there is a fair amount of interest in these, I've decided to support them to a limited degree. Please understand that these are my more expensive purchases, as they tend to take me quite a while.

Cell Shade ONLY, no more than 5 panels/drawings.

For Sequences | $70 per drawing, no less than 2
-- All fees still apply.

For Comics | $95 per panel, no less than 3
-- All fees are covered. No need to pay for any additional fees, aside from deadline if you choose to give one.

----- PAYMENT + OTHER STUFF ------
Commissions may take a fair amount of time depending on several factors. I will do my best to update you whenever you ask or when I have something to show.

I have the right to refuse any commission I do not wish to work on.

Payment is done after sketches are sent, is final afterwards, and done via PayPal. If the buyer wishes to pay prior to the sketch, they may. I prioritize paid commissions

Please send the payment as "friends and family" to avoid the pain that is PayPal

NO REFUNDS!!! Thank you for your support.


Discord: Opis#5591


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open