PinaColada's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


By commissioning me, you automatically agree to the following terms:

⛧Commissioning of an art piece will only grant personal use of your digital copy. In no way can you use the art piece to gain a profit (we may be able to discuss pricing for art under commercial use). You may repost commissioned art in a personal gallery, use as an icon with credit and/or use in your own graphics.

⛧ Payment is done through via Paypal only.

⛧ I reserve the right to use your commissioned artwork as personal brand promotional material unless specifically discussed.

⛧ All clients are provided a sketch WIP for review.

⛧ Any changes, unless small mistakes, made to the finished product may require an additional fee.

⛧ Prices are subject to change at any time.

⛧ Refunds are not permitted after the sketching process has begun.

⛧ I reserve the right to turn down your commission for any reason.

Will Do / Won't Do

*Disposal scenarios are ok, as long as it is not the focal point of the piece.

*Blood and light hard vore is ok, meaning it will have to show either little to no gore. It's not my thing and I would rather not look up references to real-life equivalents for the sake of a commission.

----Child, cub, shota, etc. pornography----
*If your character has a "chibi-like" body structure, the age and explanation of your character is required.
**This also falls under scenarios that may be perceived as sexual to some, even if the intent is not entirely sexual. ie; Vore, Feet, etc.
***Aging up characters is tricky. My only exception is if a character has progressed, at one point, in age through canon or headcanon with some media to prove. ie; Adult Simba is allowed regarding canon. Adult Spyro is allowed regarding headcanon. Kenny from South Park is not. This may be case-by-case.

----Commissions that may insight harm or controversy towards a person/group of people----
*This includes what might be considered politically charged, regardless of which political leaning it may take. ie; Characters wearing politically motivated attire, such as MAGA hats, armbands, red with a hammer/sickle to insinuate communism or any other symbols or symbolism that would be perceived to be motivated.
**This also includes memes that may be questionable in nature. Such as "Good night alt-right" style imagery, Kekistan, references to Wojak and Pepe, etc.
***In note, please remain respectful when commissioning particular pieces. I know you want that big breasted woman cock voring your OC with her hyper dick, but calling her 'shemale' is not the way to go.


Base pricing:
$50 per image, per extra character.

+Price of background depends on complexity.

+Detailed clothing/costumes may cost extra


You may contact me through PM.

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