PotatoFarmer's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Also will only do requests If genuinely like the idea. If I kinda like it or feel neutral towards it, I'll only do it for a commission. Keep in mind I'm also very picky to what I will and wont do, and in general, I don't like doing characters from children's cartoons. The exception being I'll draw pokemon from the pokemon series but not the humans. The only off chance I'll draw a kid from a show is if they're aged up and then again I'm still very iffy with it.

I also reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason.

As for trades, I'll do it if I like your work.

Will Do / Won't Do

Won't do: Scat, Hard vore, Diapers, Underage, Urine, Feral, Bdsm, guro, salad eating, farting, death, animal genitalia, lolis, incest, NTR(Cuckolding), Torture, Nonconsentual sex

Prefer to do: Monster girls, Huge breasts, Thicc, nonfatal, Females

Debatable: Digestion, Males, Traps, thicc feral, age up,

Everything not here is usually debatable for the most part


Line art- 10$
Flat color- 15$
Simple lighting color- 20$
Light shading and lighting 25$
Full shading and lighting- 30$

Prices can go up depending on the complexity. IE if there's alot of small details on the clothing, markings, extensive amount of tails, accessories, etc.


Preferably here


  1. Status: In Progress
  2. Status: Open