PrismLaser's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


1. Only Touhou and Azur Lane stories will be accepted.

2. Send me a PM with your request. It should include the characters, the type of Vore, a little description of the story plot and the title of the story.

3. Informations which I also need to know:

•Fatal or Non-Fatal?

•Macro/Micro or Same Size?

•If it contains Anal Vore: With or without Farting?

•If it contains Anal Vore: With or without Scat?

Will Do / Won't Do

•Unbirth and Anal Vore are my main preferences but I also accept other types of Vore.

•No Hard Vore. Everything I do will be Soft Vore because I'm no fan of Hard Vore.

  1. Status: In Progress for Crox
  2. Status: Reserved for MysteriousGuy
  3. Status: Reserved for Date Masamune
  4. Status: Reserved for XViovx