PumpkinSugarSpice's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


So after dwelling on it for a while, I'm going to try commissions!

If you'd like a commission just send my a private message with a description of what your looking for! If you have an oc you want to see in the pieces and have a character sheet just send it over and I’ll see what I can do!

I do ask that their short and to the point descriptions, no novel descriptions because that will take too long.

Example: “ In this panel character a is doing this
Character b is giving chase”

that or script like

Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me straight away, I live in the UK so there will be a delay!

Will Do / Won't Do

Will Do:
Character sheets!
Sexy times!
Soft Vore!
Short comics!
Original characters!
Cute and fluffy!

Won't Do:
Cooking vore
Underaged but will age them up
Showing graphic digestion (you know the gory side of it yeah I’m not a fan of that DX)
Realistic lizards, dragons, yeah a weird one buuuut have you seen my charizard!
Demon Slayer vore (Sorry this is because I've just watched it recently and I have already become attached to these characters, yes there's lots of opportunities here but I can't, I just can't, might change in the future but again will not do it)
Beastars vore (Same reason for not doing any Demon Slayer vore)


Most of the pieces will be coloured! I won't take payment until completion, I will first send your previews of the completed pieces and then the clean versions after payment!
If for any reason you are not able to pay, I will hold on to the pieces until payment is possible!

EDIT: For a limited time only, decreed by Emperor Jel, there will be change to pricing for one month only!

Character sheets - $3.00 ($3.00 for an extra character)

Anything Vore related - $5.00 ($3.00 for an extra character, not including prey and pred!)

Anything Sexy art coloured - $10.00 ($3.00 for extra characters)

Both Vore and Sexy included! - $15.00 ($3.00 for an extra character, not including prey and pred!)

Comic (Pages) - $15.00 for every 5 pages

Comic (Strip) - $7.00 for 1 / $30.00 for every 5 pages

However if you just want to show your support for the content I make, why not buy me a coffee for $3.00? - https://ko-fi.com/pumpkinsugarspice


Send me a private message on here or an email to [email protected]


  1. Status: Completed - Comic for SwordKingX5
  2. Status: Completed - 10 page comic (strips) and 4 strips for Anonymous
  3. Status: 33% - Persona 5 14 page comic (strips) for Metalization
  4. Status: Reserved - Character sheet for kagaminetim
  5. Status: Reserved - Comic Strip 5 page for mudkip01
  6. Status: Reserved - 5 page comic strip for puck5
  7. Status: Reserved - Vore art for TurboRex300
  8. Status: Reserved - 5 page comic (strips) for BrokenButterfly45
  9. Status: Reserved - Character sheet for cooltacoguy12
  10. Status: Reserved - Comic strip for Heartless
  11. Status: Reserved - Comic strip for Jerksquid
  12. Status: Reserved - Comic strip for DangZerglings
  13. Status: Reserved - 10 page comic strip Apex Legends for GonzaII1313
  14. Status: Reserved - Vore Piece for Anonymous
  15. Status: Reserved - 10 page comic strip for ColdFire1200
  16. Status: Reserved - Space reserved for PkmnGuy6262
  17. Status: Reserved - 20 page comic for Sharktooth
  18. Status: Reserved - Character sheet for Badfurson