Radijs' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


If you're interested in commissioning me for a story you can send me a PM with your request and your planned budget and I'll usually get back to you within a day or two.

If I think I can turn your request in to an interesting story I'll let you know and I'll give you an estimate as to how big the commission will be.
I'll ask for half down on start. Once I've received the down payment I'd like to spend a little time fleshing out the details of what you're asking for and I'll give you an estimate on how long it will take me to finish your commission.

Once the comission is complete I'll provide you with a readable google doc which you will be able to download when the outstanding balance is paid. If there are details that you'd like changed after this point I'll be willing to spend some time doing this. But I won't be rewriting whole chapters or scenes.

Once the project is finalized I'd like to upload a copy to the portal as well.

Will Do / Won't Do

I like to work from the principle of "He who pays the piper decides the tune". From my gallery here on the portal you can get a good estimate of my strengths and preferred topics. But if what you want lies outside of those areas we can always discuss the options.

I will not write anything involving pedophelia or scat play. And I doubt I can write anything really interesting on more messy subjects like hard vore.


$10 per 1000 words rounding to the nearest 500.
If I'm working on your story I will warn you if I expect to deviate more then 15% from the agreed upon target.
Should things break down to a point where I won't be able to finish your story I will refund the outstanding balance minus any costs incurred by PayPal.

Cancellations on your side will not lead to restitution.


PM me here on Eka's or contact me through Discord Radijs#9770


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open