Raiza's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes



My rules for Do/Don't List, and polices around pricing are in the appropriate sections below.

I don't take requests. I know it's a pain, but I need to focus on my commissions and personal projects. I won't pan you for trying to make a request, but it will have no baring on what I do or don't write.

In addition, I don't do art trades. No fleshed out reason, just don't have any desire to do that.

Otherwise, just be respectful and whatnot, and following the lists/rules in the topics below.

Will Do / Won't Do

-Will Do-
Oral Vore
Anal Vore (No Male Preds though)
Breast/Nipple Vore
Most types of Other/Unorthodox Vore
Sexual Content other than the Vore.

I'm furry and MLP friendly too!

Cock Vore is not preferred, but I don't have a strong objection to it either. So consider it most likely; but not guaranteed.

-Likely Won't-
Hard Vore
Gore in general
Odd/Random Things (I shall determine that on a case by case basis)

-Won't Do-
Water Sports
Graphical gore
Detailed Mutilation

Also, just because it's not on this list, DOESN'T mean I have to write it. No means no. That being said, I'm willing to put up with a lot of weird shit lol

One last note. I generally post my commissions onto my profile. If you don't want it to be public though, tell me ahead of time, or after I post it!


All payments will be made on Paypal.

The easiest way to decide the cost, is to tell me how many words you want the story to be. I shall then send you a price quote. The general rule of thumb is as follows though.

My standard price is 5.00$ per-page (Roughly 600 words per-page, with my current format).

It's still the equivalent of my old pricing of 3.50$ per-page, while it was only 450 words per-page.

This minor change was made to better represent how many pages I write using the default settings on Microsoft Word. (Previously, I used the spellcheck for Firefox. And a website that calculated words-per-page).

Other details of my formatting: I write 100-200 words per-paragraph, then a single space to separate each paragraph. I generally like to put spacing between characters' dialog as well.

FIRST TIME customers will be asked to pay at least part in advance. In exchange, I offer to write part of the story, and show it to you.

This is to make sure the new client is real, but I want to keep it fair to the customer as well.

NO REFUNDS: Though I may be willing to make some edits to the final product; there will be no refunds. So make sure you like my writing before you hire me!

(Disclaimer to Rule Above)
If I fuck something up royally, I'll fix it, but pricing will remain the same once the final product is complete.


You can private message me here. I have a Discord and can give it once a project is agreed upon, if it's easier for you. Otherwise, Patrons on my Patreon account may have access to my Discord as well!



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