RedNastyFoxy's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Usually it takes me 2 weeks to write a 5k word story and I will certainly warn you in advance if there will be any issues with finishing a commission before the deadline. I start writing only after getting 100% prepayment by paypal and prefer all instructions and requests were given to me before that. I won't rewrite stuff if a commissioner decides to change his mind halfway through the story, but if there will be any uncertain moments - I will ask you before writing them.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do pretty much anything related to vore, literally.
Won't do hard vore and gore.


15$ per 1000 words.


Contact me in PM on Eka's.
I'm @RedNastyFox on Telegram.
I'm rednastyfox#8131 on Discord.


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open