Relarity's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


*In regards to trades, if I complete a piece of work I'll expect something of the same value in return. It's only fair!

Commission Info:

So you've decided to commission me for some reason... well, thank you! Whatever that reason may be, I'm glad you thought of my art as something worth paying for. ^^ (I accept payment via PAYPAL)

Also: I only do single frame pictures for now. And no sketches without color. Most of my time is spent learning how to draw the character!

With that established, here's my creative process once you decide to think about purchasing a commission:

1) You'll ask me about commissions after you've got a good idea of what's you'd like to purchase. I'll give you some contact info and we'll chat about what you have in mind. If I'm alright with it, then I’ll move on.

2) I will draw out the basic forms of the character(s) (in pencil) and send you a sketch of that. This entails the gesture lines, basic shapes of body parts, etc. If you like it or want to make a critique, this is an excellent time to do so.

3) Up next I'll draw out the character(s) (still in pencil) and put some more detail into the sketch. This will still look very rough but once you give the okay on this, this'll be the line art that goes into the final product.
PLEASE NOTE: This is the final stage where you can change some things up. I'll send you a picture of this piece and you can change up some small things. Once this stage passes, I finish the drawing.

4) I will now solely work digitally. All of the work will be done on a digital platform and you'll see the final result with all of the shading and such. Once I finish the piece, you'll pay the required payment and I'll send you the high res. version via email (If you’d like).

5) Our transaction is now complete! You can share this picture whomever you like, my only requirement is that you either tag me, or mention I was the one who drew the picture. I take pride in my work!

Closing Statements:

I should tell you I work slow, and I do have a life outside of this. The rate at which you may receive your commission may vary. I'm a student and I've got material to learn, so this is a great way to blow off some steam, make a few extra bucks, and maybe make a few people happy in the process. Art is a wonderful thing and I love it very much. Thanks!

Will Do / Won't Do

-Soft vore
-Oral vore
-Same size
-Willing, unwilling, prey and pred (all of 'em)
-Bulges (both spherical and more detailed)
-Feral stuff
-Anthro prey (includes humans)
-Lewd females

-Human pred
-Cock vore
-Male anthro lewds

Questionable (Ask me first; Depends on character and how I'm feeling)
-Feral lewds (M or F)
-Anal vore
-Macro pred
-MLP stuff

(If you’re not sure if I’ll do something please feel free to ask via PM!)


All info is found here. I use Paypal.


  1. Status: Open - Commission
  2. Status: Open - Trade