Scaylid00d's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Welcome to my Commission Info! ^o^/ I'm very glad that you're interested in commissioning me! C:
I am not a very speedy artist, but I put a good deal of effort into my work. I please ask you to be patient with your order, and should your commission be delayed, you'll receive the appropriate heads-up as soon as possible :)

Will Do / Won't Do

My only hard-limits are scat, watersports, blood, gore and visibly under-aged characters. Otherwise I'll draw whatever wonderfully perverted kinkiness you'd like to see from me.
If you have any questions about the terminology used in the pricing description below, or if you're just unsure about which options would suit your needs best, please feel free to ask! Everything can always be discussed further c:


Steps 1 to 5 detail the different elements you can incorporate into your commission :)
Some form of linework, whether its sketch or clean lines, is the base for your project.
Colors and shading can be added after that respectively, depending on the needs of your idea.


1. Linework:
$5 - Rough Sketch (Rugged in appearance, light constructions visible. If you're considering buying a larger commission, and would like to see how it could turn out, this is the ideal way to do it.)
$15 - Clean Sketch (Features rough, defined lineart, no constructions visible (unless otherwise requested)).
$20 - Clean and Crisp Lineart (Extra care is taken to ensure a clean appearance to the linework).

2. Color:
+$15 - Flat color (Ideal for character sheets and references for your own OC's! :D Features solid coloring, without shadows or shading.)

3a. Shading: (also includes appropriate lighting and shine effects)
+$20 - Hard Shade (Clean edges, lighting smooth where applicable.)
+$25 - Soft Shade (Selectively blurred edges, conveys a softer, smoother feel.)

3b. Shading w/o Color: (When you want only linework and shading effects)
+$10 - Hard Shade
+$15 - Soft Shade

4. Background Options:
No Charge - Plain Background (A basic solid color, with either a simple pattern and/or gradient effect.)
+$5 - Sketched/linework background (Helps draw attention to your character(s). No color added.)
+$10 - Flat color background (Features basic flat colors or a simple monotone shading technique.)
+$15 - Shaded Background (Matches your choice of either hard or soft edges.)
+$30 - Fully colorized Background (Featuring full color and shading on every element in the entire image! Due to the varying complexity your background may include, this price is the maximum for a busy background, and is negotiable for lesser-detailed ones.)

5. Character Options:
No Charge - Your commission can feature up to three characters at no additional cost!
+$10 - This is the additional price of each individual character.


Any comic up to 4 panels is only charged for as a whole, meaning you only need to pay one amount for the whole thing!
Element prices are listed below. All comics come with a background that matches your choice in complexity.

1. Linework:
$35 - Sketched Comic (Rough in appearance, similar to the "Clean Sketch" linework option above.)
$45 - Clean Linework Comic (Clean and well-defined lineart, with no color or shading.)

2. Color:
+$15 - Flat colors (Can be ordered on its own, or serve as a base for shading)

3a. Shading:
+$30 - Hard Shade (Clean edges, lighting smooth where applicable.)
+$40 - Soft Shade (Selectively blurred edges, conveys a softer, smoother feel.)

3b. Shading w/o Color: (When you want only linework and shading effects)
+$20 - Hard Shade
+$25 - Soft Shade

If your commission calls for more than 4 panels, each additional comic panel is charged as follows:
Linework (Sketched or clean) - $10
Linework + Shading - $15
Linework + Solid Color - $15
Linework + Shading + Color - $20

If you purchase a cheaper commission from me, such as a Sketch, it may be upgraded to a larger commission. Your initial purchase is subtracted from what the upgrade's option would have cost on its own :D The same applies to comic commissions. Due to the varying options however, I will provide an appropriately adjusted quote on a case-by-case basis to try and remain fair.


You can contact me via a PM (Personal Message) here on Eka's Portal, or via a message on my Patreon page here: :) Payment details are shared upon discussion and conclusion of your commission's details.


  1. Status: 66% - Comic Commission for TitaniumChelle
  2. Status: Paid - Linework + Shading for UptNcro
  3. Status: Paid - Linework + Shading + BG for Chaotiquos
  4. Status: Info Needed - Full Shading and Color for TotallyRandom