Shadewolf's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


-Payments will only be accepted through Paypal.
-Payment must be received before I will start working on the commission.
- Vore is not the only thing I will draw, I'm willing for non-vore character shots, just random cute moments, even some of the other fetishes like Mpreg, I will draw, as long as it is understood that they are not my cup of tea. Ask if you want to know if I will draw your specific taste ^_^
- If you want me not to share your name, or keep the art completely private between us, that is absolutely fine, I'm not here to judge or anything like that. If you want it to remain secret, then it shall. If you want to communicate with me outside Eka's, I can be emailed at [email protected]
- All work must be credited to me, nobody may claim it as theirs just because they paid for it.
- If I do not want you to post it under my name, please do not post it at all unless we have talked about it. This will be discussed should you want to post it.
- Sorry but I don't accept DA points currency, or art trades, as payment.
- If you have any questions, ASK ^_^ I don't mind working with people to establish what they want!
- If I say no, it means NO.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do:
- I am willing to work with characters from tv/films, or other people's OCs (Provided You have express written permission from the OC's owner, I WILL check), but I would prefer not to draw my own boys unless it is in a situation that I approve of. Better ask for clarification if you have an idea.
- Feral/Anthro/Human/Monster/Taur/Naga... whatever, I am willing to give it a shot XD

Won't do:
- Anything graphically sexual.
- Graphic digestion / hard vore.


Lined is $3 per frame.
Lined and Grayscale Shaded is $4 per frame.
Full colour and shade is $5 per frame.

Medium Sized double shot: (good for detailed inner/outer shots)
Lined is $10
Line and grayscale is $12
Full colour is $15

Single shot/One large image:
Lined is $10-$20 per character involved depending on the complexity.
Lined and grayscale shade is $15-$25 per character.
Full colour/shade/texture is $20-$30 per character.
All images in this section come with a standard, simple background... if you want complex backgrounds, the price MAY go up if it's particularly difficult.

Animations: (Yes, I am opening these! )
$1-$2 per black and white lined frame, depending on overall length and complexity.
$4 per coloured frame.

$20 base price per story, and a further $3 per page after that. Price may increase if you want me to write something extremely long, or extremely unusual XD


[email protected]


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  2. Status: Open