Sharue's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Rules are always hard to put down because I do not want to come off as unapproachable. Far from it please note me or comment on my works as I like to talk to others. Just over my course of doing commissions this is what I have come up with as general rules that I try to fallow when working with others on orders.

BIGGEST THING: Please do not try to force me to draw something I say I do not like. I do my best when I have interest and am allowed a bit of creativity in the image. Forcing me to draw something that has no interest will result in just poor quality and I don't want that. A side note, just because I have no interest in a fetish or an image dose not mean that I think its a bad thing. This goes for micro managing. Nit picking at how each strand of hair should look will make me do a refund and close the project out.

Be polite.

Please don't try to nickel and dime me with "If I moved the chr half off the page can I get 10 dollars off?" What ends up happening is it takes a long time to talk about it and I consider the planning stage to be part of the over all process. I will flex some times but it has to be an image idea I really enjoy.

The costs that I toss out includes the time it takes for me to find the sale, work it out with the buyer, that's who's in the pic, what setting, and all the details (some times this is the longest part of the whole process)

I will not work for those who feel they are now the boss. Yes I am doing a product for the buyer and that they are paying me, but I have a very good reputation on getting images done on time and to the buyers standards with out some one telling me "Hey I need a WIP by tomorrow or I want a refund."

If you do have a dead line then just tell me the dead line when we are doing the details at the beginning.

I work in a queue, which means first come first serve sort of thing. Now if you order in and lets say a buyer wants a stream but cant watch till next week then I can shuffle the queue about and get others in sooner.

Real life will always trump my art time. Streams and dates may have to be flexible as I have a family and full time job that I shuffle with doing artwork and commissions. Please be considerate if I have to reschedule a stream or a time that I will get the work done.

I will refund a work minus costs and expenses if it just dose not work. Such as if a buyer oks a sketch but we cant agree on the color then I will keep the money transfer fee's and the charge for the sketch but refund the rest to the buyer.

I want the experience to be fun and easy going. No drama please.

I do not do Requests but some times if there is a work that needs a guest slot I will offer that to buyers that tend to order regularly from me. Example would be a buyer wants a gang bang work of a female chr but only has the female planned the males or shemales or such could be who ever.

Again please don't take this as being off putting. I appreciate any work that comes my way and it helps me and my family out a lot.

Will Do / Won't Do

Soft Vore female shemale
Soft Cook female shemale
Soft Peril female shemale
Digestion female shemale
Plants, monsters, same size vore.

male prey
gore/heavy blood
anal vore
willing prey


I charge in slots. 30USD per slot

1 slot is a single sketch chr with minimalistic background or none.
Example " "

2 slot is for 2 to 3 chrs and background
Example " "

3 slot is for 4 to 5 chrs and background.
Example " "

Now if you want just a single chr but a lot of detail you can get a double or triple slot order and just have that extra detail added to the chr or background and maybe some cell shading.

Example " " the buyer only had 3 chrs but wanted the extra background detail so bumped it to a three slot.

Inking is 10USD per slot on the order. So a double slot is an additional 20USD on top of the 60USD

Example " "

Gray Scaling is 20USD a slot.

Example " "

Coloring is usually flexible but expect it to be 100USD (total) and up.

Example " " 100 - 150 USD quality (Total)

Example " " 200 and up USD quality (Total)

I take payment up front unless its over 200 dollars then I am willing to do a break down. Such as pay for the sketch first and then pay for the coloring. I also give some detail increase for bulk orders so if you buy 5 sketches I add a little more detail.

First time buyers get a small discount off there first order too.

I also will work with the buyer to live stream the image for the buyer if they want on 2 slot orders and above.

Turn round time on most works is between 1 and 30 days depending on each work detail and if the buyer would like a stream.

The only right I reserve on the pic after completion is that I be credited as the artiest. I would prefer that the image not be used for commercial usage unless the user works with me on that.

Users may repost and use the image in there gallery or post on other forums as long as it was agreed to do so and as long as I am credited.


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