ShieUne's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Original characters preferred,syndicated characters are iffy.
Most Fetishes welcome. Your thing's your thing, I'll respect that.

Will Do / Won't Do

Not sure yet..
I'm pretty comfortable drawn most things.
Horror and cuteness are my main business, with lots of crude tomboy-ish, dark, and toilet, mom humor being acceptable.
(If you pay enough I can't refuse, honestly.)

I do except trades.

Requests are usually done as doodles,
Trades are just fun and handled like commissions. I think of em like trading cards.

I won't do humans. (Just Yet)


Negotiable, but nothing below 25$

Single-character Simple background:30$
Additional characters: +5$ per

Simple Comics:35$
5$ per additional page

Complex Comics:50$ for 3 pages
+15 per every additional pa

Work starts the moment money is handed off and is completed as quickly as possible without jeopardizing quality.


PM me.
Discord: GypsiBADDOG#1590

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