Shoelace's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Hi everyone~

Welcome to Shoelace's commission status page ;3

I'm open for the whole summer break :D PM me if interested

Terms and conditions:

Will Do / Won't Do

I am always open to new challenges :)
But there are things I won't do, so please ask first :) I am always open for discussion anyway


Here are my current pricing, same as then I started :)
If they are unclear, just drop me a little PM and I will answer ASAP ;P

A simple panel drawing, with one character (reference sheet with multiple views can work here, no extra). Can be vore related or not (ie. bulges, etc.).
- Sketch : 5$
- Lineart : 10$
- Flat color : 15$
- Full colors : 25$
Extra character : 5$
Colored background : 5$
Complexe background (object) : 10$

Page(s) with storyboard and all, like the one from a comic book. A comic always include 2 characters as standard price (I will show examples soon)
- Sketch: 15$ per page
- Lineart: 30$ per page
- Flat colors : 35$ per page
- Full colors : 45$ per page
Extra character : 5$ (per page)
Colored background : 5$ (per page)
Complexe background (object) : 15$ (per page)
One comic page can be up to 5 panels only. More will be too messy

All these prices are based on conventional drawings, according to the time I will spend on them. If you request a lot of details, or extra detailed characters, prices might be increased.

Extra fees will be applied for private pictures, which I cannot upload on my gallery.

All prices and fees are fixed before I start the drawing. Average time for me to provide a full color picture is 1-2 weeks. Up to one month for a full color comic page.


First contact by PM only :)


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