Shoelace's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Hi everyone~ and welcome to Shoelace's commission status page ;3

We are almost always open for commission, so drop us a PM if you are interested.

You can find all info on how to order from us, including our Terms and Conditions, on our Carrd webpage

You can track our progress on all our current comm on our Trello page.

Will Do / Won't Do

We made a little webpage with all these informations. Please check it, and if you are interested in something you cannot find on this document, let us know :) we are always open to new challenges


All our prices were changed on the 1st of May 2022 and given in EUR.

Prices are also given in USD for information purposes only. Only the EUR prices apply, so please check the rate exchange (last update: 06/07/2022).

If you have any question or need any clarification, feel free to drop us a DM anytime.

A simple panel drawing, with one character. Can be vore related or not (ie. bulges, etc.).
Example (Full shading)
- Sketch : 12€ ($12.20 USD)
- Flat color : 27€ ($27.50 USD)
- Cel shading : 35€ ($35.70 USD)
- Full shading : 45€ ($45.90 USD)

Series of single drawing on the same page, without panel nor border between them. The characters in the images of the sequence can all be full body.
Example (4 images, sketch)
All prices are per image. Can do from 3 images to any upper limit per sequence.
A sequence always include 2 characters as standard price.
Complex background are unavailable for that type of commission.

- Sketch : 15€ ($15.30 USD)
- Flat color : 30€ ($30.60 USD)
- Cel shading : 38€ ($38.70 USD)
- Full shading : 47€ ($47.90 USD)

Page(s) with storyboard and all, like the one from a comic book.
Example (6 panels, sketch)
All prices are per panel. Can do from 4 to 7 panels per page.
A comic always include 2 characters as standard price.

- Sketch: 11€ per panel ($11.20 USD)
- Flat colors : 20€ per panel ($20.40 USD)
- Cel shading : 24€ per panel ($24.50 USD)
- Full shading : 28€ per panel ($28.50 USD)

Bust of one character or more, typically used for profile pictures.
Example (cel shading)
- Sketch: 7€ ($7.10 USD)
- Flat colors : 16€ ($16.30 USD)
- Cel shading : 21€ ($21.40 USD)
- Full shading : 27€ ($27.50 USD)

Image with several pose of the same character, including headshots, used to introduce the character and explain how it should be drawn.
The price includes the text and a coloured background. The background will be in our style (see example). Customers are free to pick the colours and shapes.
For complex/detailed background, a fixed charged fee of 75% of all the full view combined will be charged, due to the complexity of working on detailed background with ref sheets.
Please note that only the flat colour tiers is available for reference sheets.

- Full body view: 28€ ($28.50 USD) for the first view, 14€ ($14.30 USD) per additional full view.
- Headshot view : 17€ ($17.30 USD) for the first view, 8.50€ ($8.70 USD) per additional headshot.
- Symbols, body parts, other details: Please enquire.


All the following fees might be applied to your commission, depending on the exact content of your idea. Please check first above what is included in the base price.
For comics and sequences, all extra are calculated panel by panel, and not as a whole.
- Extra character: 75% of the base price per character.
- Complex character (e.g. complex fur pattern, armor): up to 100% of the base price per character.
- Designing a character ourselves (i.e. no reference at all): up to 75% of the base price per character, depending on the character and its use (e.g. main character, background character).

- Big belly filled with prey, no internal: 25% of the base price per prey inside the belly (i.e. approx. size factor)
- Big belly filled with prey, internal: Same as a extra character + complex background depending on the time of internal needed.

- Colored background (single color per panel and/or gradient): free of charge.
- Complex background (object): 10-75% of the standard price, depending on the complexity of the background.

- Privacy, i.e. no uploading on any of our account or server: percentage based on the whole idea, please enquire first.
- Alt version: percentage based on the whole idea, please enquire first.


Once the commission has been agreed from both the customer and ourselves, all the prices and fees are fixed unless a major change is requested.

Upgrades from one tier to another shall be requested before the invoice is paid.


First contact by PM only :)


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