Silent_E's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


You contact me via PM with your idea, your E-mail address (to send the invoice to later. I don't share this information with anyone), and whatever reference material you can get. My prices are negotiable based on the situation!

Once we get the details hacked out, I'll get you a sketch so you can see my interpretation of your commission. If it doesn't line up with what you want, that's fine, I'm perfectly willing to rework it until you're satisfied.

After we've nailed down your sketch, I'll send you an invoice via Paypal. Once payment is received, I'll begin working on finishing up your commission. I'll do my best to keep you informed of my progress, and I'm willing to make whatever changes you need, within reason (And I can be very reasonable).

After the commission is done, it's all yours. Post it wherever, use it however you'd like. I'd appreciate credit, but it's not required.

Will Do / Won't Do

No underage characters in sexual situations. Fully clothed or furred underage characters are fine.


Sketch: Just the raw linework with minimal cleanup.

$5, + $2 for extra characters or backgrounds.

Clean lines or colored sketch: The finished linework, or a sketch with some simple color.

$8, +3 for extra characters or backgrounds.

Flat color: Just the base colors

$12, +5 for extra characters or backgrounds.

Simple (one pass) shading: A simplified shading technique, usually without highlights.

$18, +7 for extra characters or backgrounds

Complex shading: I go all out and use everything I know.

$25, +10 for extra characters and backgrounds.
Backgrounds and extra characters are $3 for linework, $5 for color.