Sl4gg's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


COMMISSION ARE PAUSED ( until the commission queue thin out a bit )

commission must be paid before i finish to work
you can do what you want with it
if you use it somewhere, credit me if you can
if you want, your commish can be anonymous or private

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do:

i will do almost everything that is not listed in my "won't do", if you're not sure don't hesitate to ask ^^.

Also don't fear to ask me non-vore or even SFW illustration.

if you ask me for a Oc, you need to have the right to use it if it's not your, you can also use mine .

won't do:

-some characters from series and games ( hxh , one piece, undertale ...)
They are some characters that don't bother me, if you really want a specific non Oc character, just PM me and i will tell you if i can or not

-scat, vomit, dirtiness, ordor, watersports, diapers.

-Characters under 16 yo involved in sexual/fetishism situation

( this list may change, i may also do exception )


Paypal only

the payment can be in Usd or euro equivalent

quick sketch - 15$
monochrome line-art - 20$
flat color - 30$
colored and shaded (smooth or cell-shaded, your choice ) - 40$

+ 10$ per additional character ( shaped bulge or tiny,non detailed micro don't count )
- complex and detailed bulges are charged 5$ per characters

+ 10$ simple Back Ground
+ 25$ detailed Back Ground

comic page : ( 6 panel max per page )

Line art: 35usd per page + 20 per aditional pages
Flat colored : 45usd + 30 per aditional pages
Shaded and colored : 60 usd + 45 per aditional page

NeW !
triptych/mini comic ( a set of 3 pictures, forming a mini story. quality a bit under an illustration and above a comic page )

Line art: 30 usd
Flat colored : 40 usd
Shaded and colored : 50 usd

New !
character Sheet ( shaded and colored ) : 60Usd


- 2 poses (usually front/back or profile/front , 1 outfit included)
- 3 expression ( choosen by commissioner)
- 3 details ( paw, feet, genital, eyes, clothes/jewelry , maw etc... )

if your character is really complex ( got wings + lot of jewelry/very detailed outfit/ extra limbs, hyper muscular etc... , i will have to ask for a +5Usd or a +10Usd charge (if really really complex )

+ extra pose : 10 Usd
+ extra detail : 5 Usd
+ extra expression : 5 Usd
+ extra outfit on the 2 base pose : 5 Usd

if asked, you can get a SFW and NSFW version: by default you can get an outfit and a naked version with the base ref sheet prices ( since i'm obliged to draw a naked version on the character before drawing the clothes on it to get it right, it don't add much more work for me so i'm offering it )

Animation and gifs

Alright ! this one is a bit special because i need to try it before i put a price on it.

if you want to try it , and have a project of a short animated sequence that you want to see done ( only line art for now and less than 10 second ) PM and we will talk about it. the princing will be between 40-70 Usd for the first tries.

if you want a different thing just PM me and we will talk about it.

( PS: price can change later, but i will warn about it well in advance )


contact me by PM or [email protected]
New ! : i'm on Discord : Sl4gg#6914
Also on FA:

ps: if you see any grammar mistake, please tell me

I have a friend of mine who is also taking commission ,if you're interested, check out her gallery here >


  1. Status: 50% - comic 4P for Rift
  2. Status: Reserved - comic 3P for VivamusDraconem
  3. Status: Reserved - 2 x comics for AromiSuola
  4. Status: Sketch - illustration+BG for Servo
  5. Status: Reserved - 2 illustrations for Rothar
  6. Status: Reserved - comic 2P (cell shading) for Aqualite
  7. Status: Reserved for Takinono
  8. Status: Reserved for GramzonTheDragon
  9. Status: Reserved for Rionquosue
  10. Status: Reserved - 2 illustrations for VivamusDraconem
  11. Status: Reserved - illustation for Galis
  12. Status: Reserved - illustation for KD
  13. Status: Reserved for AltOwOVurr
  14. Status: Reserved for oplover
  15. Status: Reserved for Cuddless
  16. Status: Reserved for QuinnCrystal
  17. Status: Reserved for BitesTheDust