Solmaximuta's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


I reserve the right to refuse any offer that I don't want to accept.

I take a while to produce my work. Patience is a virtue. Do not message me continuously for updates (ignoring the fact I try my best maintain near constant contact).

I require very clear and ideas of what you want! I will maintain constant contact to see if you are satisfied with the current progress. My knowledge resource on certain fictions is limited, so I'll need a brief summary concerning any characters in question. If it is an OC (original characters) I need a brief idea of their personality, their background, and appearance.

I draw things traditionally (thats actual pencil and paper). I will give you the finished product after I photoshop it to make it look nice.

Will Do / Won't Do

Won't do(For drawing):
Most forms of coitus (nothing over a blowjob)
Anything involving more than 2 whole characters
Hyper muscle
Hyper breast
Hyper genitalia

Won't do (writing):
Intense scatplay or watersports

Will do:
Anything not listed above.


Sketch: $8for Bust/Headshot. $10 for full body.
Lineart: $20 for Bust/Headshot. $25 for full body.

Contrary to my peers, I charge by the scene. Each scene has an approximate amount of words (~1000-2000). Minimum of two scenes. Each scene is $15 to write.
When ordering scenes, you must be clear as to what you want to happen in each scene.

General: If I'm not given any references or adequate descriptions concerning the appropriate look of a character, that's a $10 fee.
There is a 10% discount if you involve any of my OCs, but reasonable thinking has to be supplied if they are preys. (nothing like, 'uh, they just sorta give up and get eaten')


PM here for anything. Or Email me at [email protected]


  1. Status: Open for Commission - Writing for none
  2. Status: Open for Commission - Drawing for None
  3. Status: Open for Commission - Drawing for None