SomeGuy1294's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Some Guy’s Filthy, Filthy Art Commissions!

-Vore, Scat, Hentai, Ecchi, Yuri, Fem-dom, Size-play, Monster-Girls, OC’s, Fan-art and more!

-Over six years of artistic experience and training, including cartooning, mixed media, and portraits.

-Quick turn-around time.

-Art done by hand, without the aid of digital art tools.

-Line-Art- $20 (plus $10 per additional character).
-Turn-around time: 1-3 days.*

-Colored- $50 (plus $25 per additional character)
-Turn-around time: 2-5 days.*

-Colored With Background- $80 (plus $40 per additional character)
-Turn-around time: 5-10 days.*

-Fiction Commissions- $50 per short story. For longer works, seek price-quote.

*After artwork begins. Commissions at the top of queue will begin immediately. All turn-around times are approximate.

-Commissions involving bestiality, rape or pedophilia will not be accepted.

-Payments are to be made via Paypal, and must be made in advance. Send a detailed description of what you want drawn (with reference pictures, if desired) to [email protected] You should receive an invoice in 1-2 days.


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