SpiderMilkshake's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


For more detailed commission information, please visit my FurAffinity page:


Will Do / Won't Do

Will do:
-Soft Vore only (Non-fatal only)
-Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Unbirth
-Full-tour Vore (Non-Fatal, either direction)
-A wide array of scenarios--from comforting/protective to mischievous to sexual vore.
-Similar Size (within reason)
-All genders of all bodily statuses (the fun bits), all species.

Won't Do (these are FIRM no's):
-Hard Vore
-Cock Vore, Navel Vore, Breast Vore, etc.
-Rape and Sexual Assault (This means all work intended to be sexual MUST have ALL characters involved be consenting to and aware of all events and acts between them)
-Sexual Vore involving Minors or those Unable to Consent
-Fetishization and/or Objectification of the Intersexed and Transgendered (commonly referred to with such terms as "Herm/Hermaphodite", "Futa/Futanari", "Cuntboi/boy", "Dickgirl", "Shemale", "Trap" and others equally vile... Please refer to characters by their GENDER IDENTITY, not by their body parts.
-Vore Involving Unsafe Sexuality (example would be fulltour where the prey is immediately unbirthed afterwards... eeech!! Horrific infection imminent!)
-Extreme scat (scat and gas may be present and appropriately gross during tours... but nothing to the point of scat-consumption or similar overlapping fetishes.)
-Sociopathic Preds (since there is no reasonable expectation that the character would actually adhere to the safety and sexual consent standards above of their own inclination. I respect how characters are written, and if the character is an apathetic serial killer...sorry, no commissions of them...i.e, no Hannibal Lectors, no Smaugs, no Dexters, no Airachnids and their like.)

If I've forgotten anything... I apologize! These are, as far as I know, all of my will and won'ts.


Commission prices have now been fully updated. ^^ Commissions are open--two slots at a time. Full pieces may take as long as four weeks, sketches may take a little over a week, depending on my wellness and workload.

The commissions I'm offering here are strictly vore-related, though they can be either general content or erotic in nature. I am going to offer four types:

Simple Sketch
Simple sketches are digitally drawn, can be colored or left in a grayscale, with a sketchy style of soft shading.
Price: $5.00 USD base, +$2 per each extra character.

Simple Painterly
Simple Painterly commissions are digitally-made paintings, with a lot of potential for either a comic or realistic look. ^^ These are always fully colored, shaded and highlighted, and with a lot of effects and texture work done.
Price: $15 base, +$5 per extra character, +5 for a detailed background.

Comic Pages
Comic pages are very in-depth and full of expression, detail, and most of all a story. They can be made with text boxes and dialogue or as wordless comics where the pictures tell the story. Pricing for these is per page, and depends on the level of finished quality you want:
-Sketch Comic--$20 per page.
-Inked/Lined Comic--$30 per page
-Colored Comic--$40 per page
-"The Works" Comic--full shading and lighting, $50 per page

Traditional Maws and Internals:
I will paint or draw mawshots or internal views using traditional media. These can be made with acrylic paint, watercolors, or colored pencil, and are my favorite media to work with. They come out very fleshy and detailed. :3 Vore work with these media I charge only 75% price for, since I do love making them~

Price: $25 per image.


If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM here.
To remain in contact while I am working on your commission, please feel free to shoot me an email at Jetcadrai at gmail.com. This email is also my Paypal account's email access, but please do not send any money for commissions to me until I have accepted your request. ^^


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