Stabbings' posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Currently Offering a $15 Thigh-up Deal! Info:

*I tend to work quickly, so your order should be done within a week unless I am loaded with work.

*I prefer visual references of characters, but I can work with typed description as well. However, if the typed description is especially complex, I may charge a small fee.

*For the sake of organization, here's a form you can use when contacting me. (Not required at all, just for those who prefer it.)
-Type of commission (Lineart, Flats, Full Detail, etc.):
-Character reference(s):
-Describe the image you want:
-Any other details:

*When uploading finished art, I can list you (the commissioner) as anonymous if that would be preferred for you. Just make a note of it when contacting me!


Will Do / Won't Do

*Vore-wise, I can work with all gender pairings (I don't care who is pred and prey) and I can do both hard and soft vore + more specific things like vampiric, soul, and some non-conventional vore. Unbirthing, Cock, and Anal vore are all iffy- I have never drawn it, but I AM willing to try it depending on the idea.

*I can also work with sex, bdsm, gore, tasteful nudity, micro/macro, inflation, and some hyper.

*I can draw any character species or gender, including furries, humans, fantasy creatures, monsters, and so on. I may charge extra for more complex designs but I will let you know beforehand.

*The only other subject matter I would not be willing to work with is scat. Watersports is a maybe.

*Please do ask me directly if you are curious about something specific not listed here, I will keep this section updated as needed!



*These are my general starting prices. I will gladly give out free quotes, so note me if you're curious. NOTE that all of these prices refer to full-body pieces.

Lineart: $15 (+$10 per character)
Flat Colors: $20 (+$15 per character)
Fully Detailed: $30 (+$20 per character)

W/ Simple Background: +$2-$5
W/ Complex Background: +$6-$10

Comics: General starting prices PER PAGE for comics listed below. Prices vary GREATLY so I suggest getting a quote from me directly if you are curious. (Price can change based on number of characters involved, complexity of the scene, detail wanted, etc.)

Lineart: $30 (+$10 for background)
Flat Colors: $40 (+$15 for background)
Full Detail: $55 (Includes simple colored background. Add $10 for a more detailed background.)

Reference Sheets: Starting at $40. Includes a Front & back view, headshot/mawshot, And any other extra details relevant to the character. Fully Detailed.

Extra characters: Additional price can vary against what I have written up there, based on how large the character is/how much is seen. Base prices do compensate for vore detail.

*Headshots and Waist-Up Poses are also available, so feel free to ask about those. They are cheaper, of course.

*If you want interaction with my original characters, I am fine with that and I do offer discounts for including them. (Will be slowly working on uploading references of my vore characters here.)

*IMPORTANT: Payment is done through Paypal. When sending your payment, please do not write anything related to art in the comment box. Paypal can be very sassy when it comes to art purchases so I'd like to make sure my account doesn't get frozen! I ask for payment up front, but I am also willing to show a WIP sketch before you pay if you are more comfortable with that. My Paypal is [email protected]



*Note me through this site or my FurAffinity (Stabbings), or E-Mail me at [email protected] I'm very open to discussing commissions and I love to hear ideas!



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