Stanku's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Basically I'm all new to this sort of thing so my instructive outline will as of now remain rough and malleable. Some general guidelines include:

- English is not my first language and although grammar is a dear thing to me, don't except to receive flawless linguistic standard from me. That being said, I did write my MA thesis in English.

- I rank courtesy highly. A cordial understanding between the parties is a must for me at all times.

- Unless you're a customer I've had previous dealings with, please pay first. It's nothing personal.

- I retain the right to cancel the commission at any point during its proceeding. Naturally, the payment, if already made, will be returned forthwith.

- I also retain the right not to accept your offer either if I'm too busy at the moment or I don't like the core idea.

Will Do / Won't Do

Anything you want me to, literally anything content-wise, with a few select things discounted. I can't name these right now but I'm sure even my stomach has some limit. In any case, there's plenty of vore-themed topics I simply am too bored to write about.

Also, I don't like too strict descriptions unless you pay extra to tie my creativity.


An overall estimate:

1000 - 2000 words - 20 dollars

3000 - 4000 words - 40 dollars

5000 - 6000 words - 60 dollars

I won't as of yet accept longer requests. Payment will be collected through PayPal.


Private message would be a good start. Don't be shy!


  1. Status: Open for Trade