StormyRange's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


-Paypal to pay, pal
-Image to work with
-Not massively complex
-Fairly clean lines
-Artist permission (Should really be your own drawing or an image you commissioned)
-If you can include a clean background for me (image's background without characters) to use it'll cut down on time and thus cost.
-I can turn down commission requests for any reason (obviously before work has started + before payment)

-What to expect:
Vore stuff - body movements, blinking, belly movements, various looping parts at different times to give continuous feel
Idle - Breathing and subtle movements for stuff like character profiles

Will Do / Won't Do

General Vore
Mildly mature themes
Most species I'm fine with animating (humans, demis, anthros, Pokemon, feral etc.)

-Niche vore (like boob vore and/or earlobe vore or whatever the kids are into these days)
-Ponies/some copyrighted characters
-Gore (past a certain point)
-Overly sexual/bestality
-Basically nothing too extreme (in general) or overly masculine (male nudity or muscles).
So don't go throwing your shit covered baby ponies with muscled exploding ribcages at me plz >3<

Best way to be sure is to ask unless I've specifically outlined above.


The price is $8 an hour

Usually it takes me between 3-6 hours so expect a price between $24 and $48 depending on complexity of lines and what you want done. (Can be 10+ hours if it's especially complex or involves more than one character)

Small extra features that can be done with the graphics of the original image (like "Belchh! - Pippuri") can be done but can take a bit of time.

Gimme a clean background to use and it'll save time and money, more so if lines are clean and contain no feathers or fur to trace.


On here via PM or Notes on FA


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open