SunnyHero's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


You can always contact me at the 5th and onwards of every month to know if i'm booked or not :3

All commissions will be delivered in a maximum of 30 days.
Slots are only confirmed taken after payment.

Payment upfront. Payment request will be via paypal invoices.

Prices updated 14/03/2021 (dd/mm/yyyy) format.
Commission tier renamed 30/09/2019
Do and Won't do updated 30/09/2019
Prices for character design and complex backgrounds updated 30/09/2019
"All around commission" tier added 04/08/2020

Will Do / Won't Do

I’ll do:

- Chibi
- Vore
- Non Vore

Won’t do:

- Guro
- Scat
- IRL people (specially famous ones) Exceptions being if that's yourself
- Torture/Ryona
- Cooking vore (People being cooked in general)
- Comic pages (until further notice)
- Children


Simple Sketch: 25$ (+15$ per additional character)

Colored Sketch: 40$ (+20$ per additional character)

Simple Line art: 40$ (+20$ per additional character)

Simple Colored 60$ (+30$ per additional character)

"All around" Tier 70$ (+40$ per additional character)

|Special Tier|

Full Colored piece: 100$ (+60$ per additional character)

(Full colored is on it's own tier now, because is the one that takes the longest and the most effort to bring good results. I decided to keep the tier for the people who really enjoy the results, so now it's a bit of "price gated".)

- Commissions that require me to design the character as well, a 10$ to 20$ extra will be charged depending on the complexity.

- Simple backgrounds costs 10$ extra and complex ones cost 25$.


Contacts via PM or Discord


Sunny Hero


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