Svartvinge's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


i don't have that many rules from when im drawing!

though i like it if people have the power to wait for when im drawing, and do not ask every day if im done or gotten anywhere on the drawing. it's not helping at all and i tend to loose interest in said drawing quite fast that way.

on the otherhand, if you behave and act in a good manner (and some other stuff) there might also be price cuts on the things aswell.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do - Everything except

Drawing charracters from games,movies or animes
soul vore
Anal stuff


Sketch 5$
Extra charracters +2$ per charracter
Digtal inked +3$
Digital coloured +5$
Shading +5

Background 1-3$ depending what it is and how complex ^^

Comic prices

basicly, i charge the same for a normal picture, then add 3$ per panel in the comic.
When it comes to sqcuences though, its a cost of 8$ per page, together with the starting price, so check in before the start and i can hit you up properly with prices


  1. Status: In Progress - Comic for Lukas
  2. Status: In Progress - Comic for Akali
  3. Status: Reserved - Comic for Asntan
  4. Status: In Progress - Comic for Shio
  5. Status: In Progress - single pic for Feligris
  6. Status: In Progress - comic for Greenknight