SweetTastyPrey's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Hi! Welcome to my commission page! Be sure to read everything carefully so that we can work together properly. Also please note I won't accept every commission idea if it doesn't sound too appealing to me or uses characters I'd rather not use.

I draw both original characters made by me or other artists (if permitted by them) and some characters from other popular media (it depends though). Your payment must be submitted first before I begin to work. I will do my best to get your piece done as fast as possible, but please be patient if it takes a while. Things tend to pop up in my life like work or something else and could delay my progress. If for whatever reason I can't get your piece done within a month or you decide you don't want your piece done anymore, I will refund you based on what I didn't complete and give you your incomplete piece as well.

Also if you decide to use any of my characters for your commission, I will halve the character price list below. Your commission can be Vore or Non-Vore related. If you have references you want to give me too like poses or some background that you have in mind for your commission, send them to me! It helps to see the bigger picture you have! Plus I only take Paypal for payment.

I will also do art trades through visuals from time to time, though I have to approve of your art style first before committing.

And I apologize in the "Won't Do" section if there was something you had in mind. There's just certain things I'm not entirely comfortable drawing or want an association with. :/

Will Do / Won't Do

Will Do:
-Human, furry, or any human like character
-Big belly vore, giantess vore, stomach shot vore

Won't Do:
-Anal and gentile vore
-Sex vore
-Male vore
-Long comics, animations/gifs
-Hard vore or any gory material.

There might be some things I didn't list here, but don't be afraid to ask me! I don't bite! :)


Per drawing:
-Line Art:
-1 character: $20 (Head to toe, though if the character is complex, could cost a bit more)
-Additional character(s): $10 each (character complexity will depend too)
-With color: $25
-With shading, lighting, and simple background color: $30
-Additional character coloring, shading, and lighting will just be $5 extra for each.
-Certain belly bulges like size, tightness, etc. could cost a bit more too depending on detailing.

Background addition:
-An actual background like a stomach, room, or environment we'll talk about it as price may vary.


Any questions, please feel free to contact me through PM on here.