TaiRedFox's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


***Basic rules***
-I don't like to chat in through PMs that much, if you are going to send, please put a subject and tell already what u want to talk;
-If you want to chat with me, we could do it on Discord or Skype (Most likely on Discord);
-You can repost my fanarts in another sites, as long as you credit me;
-Don't RP in the comments;

-Fuck off;

-I like to work close to the person who wants, to give him some updates of what he asked, but also have some casual conversations;
-I DO NOT re-draw an entire drawing after the sketch have been made, I could for example, make some small changes if I'm missing something and stuff like that, but I won't re-draw an entire characters, so make sure to know what you want;
-If you antagonize me or make an unreasonable amount of changes during the sketch I will cancel the commision and a refund will be given. You will be put on a black-list and will no longer be able to commision me in the future;
-I have the right to refuse taking a commission that will make me feel uncomfortable to make;
-Payment only through PayPal;
-Cancelation of a commission after the sketch has been done will cost 15$;

-Feel free to ask if I'm up for some art trade, I usually am, but won't trade with everything that comes to me, not only because of the the context, but also the skill of who is drawing, if what you are capable to do it's appealing enough to me, it's enough for us to trade;

-DON'T ask for art gifts;
-Art gifts that I give, most of the time are restricted to close friends;
-If someone want's to give a art gift to me, PLEASE look at my "what I DO and DON'T do" list or if you prefer, send me a PM and talk about it;

Will Do / Won't Do

Green List
"For trades and commissions, I'm willing to make the things on this list, as long you don't go "too dark" beyond my confort zone."

● Soft Vore:
-Pica/Eating Objects
-Willing or Unwilling
● Inflation
● Pregnancy
● Hyper:
● Anthro
● Feral
● Taurs and Nagas
● Size Difference

Yellow List
"On this list I'll not be so willing to make this with everyone that come across, I'm more likely to do it by myself, buying or trading with someone that I feel comfortable with, you can still ask for those things, but these things have less of a chance for me to pick."

● Disposal/Scat
● Hypnosis
● Micro/Macro
● "Big Prey/Small Pred"
● Forced Feeding

Red List
"I'll not take anything with those things on the list."

● Gore
● Hard Vore
● Hard Digestion
● Perma Death
● Human Pred
● Cub
● Bursting
● Crush
● Watersport/Peeing
● Diapers/Babyfurs
● Over exagerated kinds of Hypers
● Morbid Obesity
● Blob


Digital Art

*Line: $15,00

*Colored: $30,00 Flat

-Line: $30,00 (Per Page)
-Colored: $40,00 Flat(Per Page)

Traditional Art

*Sketch: $10,00

*Colored: $20,00

-Sketch: $20,00 (Per Page)
-Colored: $30,00 Flat (Per Page)