Thatfriendlyguy's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Just a simple terms of service to go along with commissions.

Payment through paypal only!
Will have an outline of the story, before asking for payment.
Payment is in USD.
Make sure to click NO on the mailing address. It's digital goods, don't need to know the address.

You are completely free to repost your commission in your gallery, just please make sure to credit the original story/link me in the description!

How it works
Feel free to send a note or message me on discord with your idea, and we'll talk about it. I'll write an outline for how the story would go, before asking for your approval. Once approved, I will ask for payment before writing, and will be working upon it, whenever I get to writing your story next. I usually post updates on the story after each night of writing, and I am more than happy to post any WIP that may be requested at any time! Though changing your idea will charge a bit extra if asked post approval, so please make sure you're certain this is how you want the story to go!

Will Do / Won't Do

Will write about
A variety of lewds and kinks
Butt stuff <3

Won't write
Main characters from a show/game/book/etc.
Anything related to underage
Hard Vore/Snuff/Gore
Cooking Vore

Due to the fact there are a variety of kinks out there, I don't know every single kink there is out there. Feel free to send a note if you have any questions.


$15 Disposal Scene

A simple scene of someone relieving themselves. Whether it be after churning around some prey, or just having to take a dump from dinner. Usually involves Scat, Watersports, and gas. Can change depending on how you'd like!

Example of a protogen taunting his previous meal can be found below
Example of a casual dump involving a Samurott disposing of a pesky meal can be found below.

The shortest of the other three commissions. Can usually see it finished in a day or two.

$40-60 3rd person POV story

The typical kind of stories you will most likely see me posting. Mainly written from a 3rd person POV, these tend to usually vary in length. Usually passes over 6,000 words, which is why the base price is set around $40 bucks. Usually by itself, it will get you 2 characters in the story, along with 2 vore scenes. Mass vore won't be considered an additional character, as it's just a quick nom through whatever hole you desire to have your prey being stuffed! Same with the vore scene. If it's just a bunch of prey being stuffed down the throat, it'll be one vore scene.

Example of a dragon's downfall, can be spotted down below. Though as a warning, it involves digestion and disposal!
Example of a tiny enjoying a giant meal, can be found down below. It's an example of 2 main characters in a story, though it has 3 types of vore in it!

Usually these are done relatively quickly. Give or take 2-4 days depending on how the mood is while writing. So you can expect a quick response!

$50-70 Prey POV Story

Due to the fact that writing in 2nd person is a bit of a inconvenience when it comes to writing, and the fact I prefer 3rd person over 2nd any day, it will cost a bit extra to write this story! Though not all that much when compared to the other one, this story follows the same format as the 3rd person POV story. While it is certainly a bit shorter than the other, it usually tends to be over 5,000 words in length. 2 main characters of the story, with you being one of them. Can have a disposal/weight gain scene if you would like! Due to how I haven't done sentient scat/fat in a prey's POV, it would be experimental.

Example of a prey getting to experience a dragon's digestive system, can be found below
Example of a predator becoming prey, can be found below

Taking around the same length as writing a 3rd person POV story, can be done within 2-4 ays, depending on mood of writing.


Currently Commissions are OPEN as of writing this, so feel free to send a note or message me on discord @ Mike the dragon#3667 if interested! Though do note, that I am way more active on Furaffinity, than I am on here. So if you want an easier way to access me, send a note over on FA, or on discord!


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