TheBlueGuy's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


PayPal Only

- Payment upfront after I have shown a rough sketch of it and IF you agree on it.
- Estimated time of completion - 1 to 3 days, I keep in touch everyday until the Commission is finished
- All of my works will be colored and shaded unless you say otherwise. The price will always remain the same
- The size of the pictures really depends on what is being drawn, otherwise you may ask for a specific size before I begin.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will DO:
~Vore ~ Maw shots, tongues, digestion, fatal scenes, post/pre vore, stomachs,bellies/pudge/squirming,etc - Just ASK

~NSFW ~ M/M and Solo Poses, ASK for more information if needed

Won't Do:
-NO female characters, and NO HUMANS!
-NO foot/scat/watersports/inflation/chubby fat/muscle/diaper, or any other kind of fetish's out there besides vore.
(Unless it's related to vore and we both like it, then there might be an exception)
-NO hard gore vore, I don't mind some chewing and blood, but ripping and tearing into your prey is not vore in my book.
-NO overly colorful and extremely over detailed SONA characters.
-No Backgrounds(Will be changed in due time)


PRICE Estimations - $5.00 To $10.00


~$8.00 - One scene of a character(s) being involved in a vore related predicament.
+$3.00 for every additional smaller scene relating to the main vore scene surrounding it.

~$5.00 One mawshot(s) of any one character - Example(s) -
~ + $2.00 for every additional mawshot you would like of that certain character.
~ + $5.00 if you would want a painted version -


~$5.00 - One pose of any male character - Examples -

~$10.00- One interaction between two characters - Example -
~+$5.00 for every additional interaction - Example -


I prefer to IM when I do Commissions, makes thing's go much smoother on both sides.