TheKawaiiCommie's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Hello! I upload all commissions to my gallery. I am pretty particular about what I will and will not write, but if your idea falls within my purview then you will find I am pretty agreeable. Feel free to message me with questions or clarifications concerning items found (or not found) below.

Will Do / Won't Do

Alternative vore (absorption, clean anal, cock vore, unbirth, soul vore, etc.)
Soft and hard vore
Safe and fatal vore
Same and different sizes
Smut and non-con sex
Gore and snuff
Most kinks and fetishes
Any genders and pairings
Various humanoid and monstrous character species
Non-vore writing

Ponies / MLP
Feral / Non-sentient characters
Underaged / Childish characters
Scat / Urine
Incest / Step relatives


I charge $25.00 USD per 1000 words, with clients choosing how much they want in 1000 word increments. Payment must be given upfront before I will begin work. I may show fragments of the incomplete story but will not provide any incomplete drafts. You can find samples of my writing below. I will only work on one commission from my queue at a time, but feel free to PM me even if I'm currently working.


  1. Status: Completed - A Night to Remember for Natsuelendtor
  2. Status: Open
  3. Status: Open