UnbornSMP's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


In all honesty i don't think my art is commission worthy, but i also don't just wanna leave this empty so i'll say something here at least, lol. Only rule i have is to be patient, cause art takes time and so does life

Will Do / Won't Do

I'm a filthy casual, so for the most part i like to keep things vanilla.

Will Do: Oral Vore, Same Size, Micro/Giantess Vore, Digestion, Weight Gain, Sentient fat (My all time fave!), Humans, Female Vore, Femboy Vore (they better be pretty >:( ), Implied things (Like Disposal and such), slight nudity (Should it call for it, personally i think the outfit makes the character stand out better)

Won't do: pretty much anything not listed, but i am open to certain things such as Anal Vore and Anthros


It'll always be $10 for a single piece and $20 for a comic of more than 2 panels. i don't see a need to go any higher since many people have things they want but can't afford.


PM here or on Discord is the way to go with me


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