Ursa's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


1. USD only, payment via paypal

2. All prices are per referenced character if not specified otherwise. Price per referenced character mean that character that has a graphic or descriptive reference is considered a referenced character no matter if that's an original character, real animal, person, or character taken from somewhere else. "some furry/car/animal/human" isn't a descriptive reference and this kind of a character can be added for free in reasonable amount (i don't need to refer to pictures when i draw so i draw much faster).
P.S. - Referenced object is considered a referenced character because i still need to look at the reference to draw that shit and also i think most of the furniture is smarter than most of ones who sit on it.

3. If you are offended by me - well, i'm sincerely sorry. That's all i can say.

4. If you are not pleased with the artwork i did based on your references and descriptions - go commission someone else, please. There are shittons of good artists who are polite and cute and draw amazing stuff, go to them, go go go, and fuck off so i never see you here again alsdjhgj
This is my rule, go go go find yourself someone else if you don't like what i did for you.

5. You must be okay with my graphic style if you are commissioning me. No exceptions.

Will Do / Won't Do

I do and enjoy:
-vore: oral, anal, weird, unbirth, unconventional, tail, hard, soft, macro/micro, samesize
-fat furs
-humans and humanoids
-taurs, nagas, mermaids/mermen and winged creatures
-any species, genders, clothes, etc.
-weird stuff (most of)
-robots, cyborgs and machinery

-political themes
-any real-life political party insignia (uniform may remain)
-some fan-art (please ask, i won't judge but i may refuse to do it)
-general sexual penetration without any other fetish material




discord: @UrsaeRigor


  1. Status: Open
  2. Status: Open