VividLucidity's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


My commissions are now closed until further notice. Everything after this point is left so I don't have to redo it if I open back up.

While I've done a few commissions, I've decided to set things in stone for how I move forwards.
If you want to commission me, that's great! Here's how it'll go:
- Contact me with your idea.
- We discuss the idea, and you will write a 'greentext' of sorts for what the story. A series of notes on what will happen. First this, then that, then that, that sort of stuff.
- We keep discussing it, we agree, and I start work.
- Once I'm confident I can finish it, which will probably happen at the halfway mark, I'll send you an invoice. I'll keep working on it, but I will not send it to you until your pay me.
- That's it, the commission is complete! Yay!

As for whether the story will be released publicly or not, that's entirely up to you. Once I deliver it to you you're free to do whatever you wish with it ... so long as you keep my name attached to it.

Will Do / Won't Do

Will Do:
- Practically anything. I'm rather loose with this sort of stuff. It's easier to just discuss your idea with me and we'll hash it out, see whether I like it or not.

- All vore types. I can't think of a single vore type I wouldn't do.

- Sex. I've written quite the few sex scenes, and I'll be more than happy to write more.

- Whatever other weird stuff you can think of. Transformation, inanimate TF, etc, etc.

Loves Doing:
- Prey that deserve their fate: asshole victims and the like. This is one of my favourite stuff!
- Size difference. I'll do same size, but honestly, I prefer size difference.
- Feral predators. Done quite a few stories with them, like to do quite a few more.
- Transforming into objects/food. Never done this before, but I'd like to!

May Do:
(These are the parts that I'm on the fence about. Under some circumstances I do them, others I don't)
- Disposal. This really depends on how you plan on doing it, which kinds of characters are doing it and so on.

- Rule 34. This is a very touchy subject for me. Some I'll gladly do, others I'll harshly refuse. No real rhyme or reason to it, so just tell me your idea and I'll see if it works or not.

- Bleak and depressing vore. Something I'm not a fan of is vore that feels bleak and nihilistic. When life feels meaningless in a sense.
- Good prey. I'm not a big fan of bad endings, of good prey, of stuff like that. But I have, can, and will do it ... at times.

Won't Do:
- Underage characters. No discussion, no negotiation. I don't touch underage characters with a 10 metre pole.

- Casual Fatal. I hate this sort of stuff with a passion. I really dislike worlds in which life doesn't really have meaning, in which an entire life of hopes, fears and dreams ... can get snuffed out because someone's feeling a bit peckish, and NOBODY bats an eye at it. Please note that for me, fatal means that there's no reformation. Casual fatal digestion is fine ... so long as they get reformed afterwards.

- Willing Fatal. When prey offer themselves up to be eaten, knowing they're going to die ... yeah ... that I really don't like. Rules above about reformation apply. However, I am okay with prey that have been hypnotised or pheromoned to become willing.

- Hard Vore and Gore. This is something I don’t do as well.


$0.075 USD per word for stories, so $7.5 USD per 1,000 words. Non negotiable.
This is a 25% increase on my previous rate, $6USD per 1,000 words.
Payment is to be made midway through completion of the story, with transmission of document to be made following completion and successful receipt of payment.

If you request modifications greater than 500 words after delivery of the project, then I will charge a $0.01 USD per word editing fee, which will be paid prior to me sending you the edited version.

All payment is to be done via Paypal.

I am willing to do trades for writing/art. While I'd prefer money, and I don't really have anything in mind, I'd like to keep an open mind! Hey, I might end up liking it. Who knows.


PM me via Eka's. Or, you can message me on Discord. I'm on Work To Feed, /d/vour Vore and Peril, The Dragon's Den, and The Kitsune's Stomach. You can find me there.


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