Winny's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


*Important.* Due to reasons, I am not accepting anymore commissions at this time. I'm sorry everyone, but for IRL reasons, and current mental fatigue I will be focusing on something else for the short future.

Commission info! (Read this sentence first!) *Due to huge traffic in interest for commissions slots will be closed till the next couple of commissions have been completed, once those are completed then the third wave of commissions will be open. Those that have reserved with me and spoken to me already will get the first slots to this in the order they have talked to me. Thank you all for showing such interest in working with me! This means a lot to be as booked as I am now, so thank you everyone.*

Well here we are, we’ve finally done it, Winny has started accepting commissions.

Ground rules:

Alright, so here is the deal. You pay, I write. The end.

Kidding! If only it was that simple~

Alright enough messing around. Here are a few self rules and guidelines for how I ‘hope’ this will go.

1: Anything I create I reserve the rights to, like an artist has the rights to a picture they commission I reserve the right as the creator to the stories I create. (Intellectual property and all that.)

2: I will be posting the stories on my account. Several reasons why I want the works to be in one area, one it keeps anything ‘Winny’ related to one area. Two, more content that gets uploaded onto this accounts creates more of a pull towards it. (Bigger is better right?)

Hopefully everyone understands!
3: I work best not under duress, what I mean is if a customer continues to be pushy and overly demanding and micromanaging, I may drop the commission. Very toxic people will be barred from commissioning me again. I do this for fun~ I do not plan to make this a job, so please lets all have fun together with this delightful smut. <3

4: Commissioner will be credited in the description, of course if you wish to remain anonymous that is also fine! I’m sure some people are super shy.

5: Details! Details are the biggest thing in the world, if you message me about a commission please have everything you want ready at the time of contact. What do I mean by details you might ask? Well:

Characters, who do you want inside the story? If you tell me “Sarah” and nothing else, I won’t know if you want her to be human or a furry. Male or female, super duper slut or shy nerdy computer girl.

Time, and theme and setting. Do you want common times? Fantasy? Jim’s house down the street?

Types of vore! Duh, this should be a given. A list of what you want to see, ov/av/ub/tail/breasts. You get the point.

6: For the love of god, if I don’t get back to you right away please don’t flood the inbox. There is a good chance I just haven’t gotten to it yet. This is a hobby and as such I do have a full time job, so there will be long stretches where I am literally not here.

Will Do / Won't Do


Well if you are here chances are good that you have been following me for little while. As such most of you know what I really like.

I will write nearly anything, but I have certain fondness for a few key things.

Detailed disposal, should go without saying.
Digestion, like duh~ <3
Overly sexual undertones and overtones. This is smut, this is meant to get the blood flowing.
Casual vore, Omph!
Disregard of life, Double Omph!
Horrified and unwilling prey items. (While some people might be surprised, I do in fact love me some super duper scared and frightened prey sluts.)

These are just my personal all time favs, this is by no means my yes list.

After all that, I will write anything. Besides

Cooking/Prey with food items. IE prey in sandwiches, bowls of food ectect.

Scat eating/Scat playing/Dirty Av (Yes I love scat disposal. But only as disposal, eating/playing with it/dirty av is hard nos from me.)

Bara and Bear anything. (I can’t do super masculine men, muscles make me go all squiggly, So if you like your men muscular and manly chances are good I can’t write it.)

Hard vore. (While I do enjoy graphic digestion, I cannot do the rip and tear sorry!)

Pony’s (This isn’t because I hate it per say, but because I have never watched the show, I don’t know the lingo. And I don’t know the characters personality’s. As I don’t know anything about them at all I won’t be able to write them.)

Everything else is on the table, we can nail down particulars in the messages.

(Side note, if the content of the story is on a established (IE established content. Batman, star wars, tv shows, movies, series.) universe I know next to nothing about, I won't be able to write about it. So if I reject the commission based on this, please understand I don't want to create a subpar story because I lack the information, I really don't want to create a poor fanfic with the wrong personalities for characters.)



As this is all new to me there will be some restrictions.

Minimum length of commissions will be 1500 words.

Base fee for commission is 20$
This will get you the base 1500 words, and up to three main characters.

Every 500 words after that is 5$
Every character added after the initial 3 will be 5$

Payment will be required upfront to avoid any potential scams


*Special notes!*

Congratulations for reading this far, and for that you’ve reached the last little bit.

There is a special offer for those that have taken a liking to my universes I have created. If the story you want takes part in “Webcam” universe or “Two girls one dog girl” universe and my “Girls are bad at X” universe, I will knock off 5$ at the end of the overall total of the commission.

At this time I will not be taking commissions that revolve around my “Keys” series, as this is a private and personal series I am writing. (I can write about the universe it is based off of, but I will not link them to the story itself.)

To contact me simply PM me on Eka’s.

All payments will be through paypal.


  1. Status: Completed - Commission/First wave for Starduster
  2. Status: Completed - Commission/First wave for balanced-guy
  3. Status: Completed - Commission/First wave for Jayrawk
  4. Status: Completed - Commission/First wave for Hezroar
  5. Status: Completed - Commission/First wave for anonymous
  6. Status: Completed - Commission/First wave for ErRynArya
  7. Status: Completed - Commission/First wave for Wolfsnack
  8. Status: Completed - Commission/First wave for saintheartwing
  9. Status: Reserved
  10. Status: Completed - Commission/Second wave for Jermsamu
  11. Status: Reserved - Commission/Second wave for anonymous
  12. Status: Completed - Commission/Second wave for heromc
  13. Status: Completed - Commission/Second wave for pizza3695
  14. Status: In Progress - Commission/Second wave for Hezroar
  15. Status: Reserved - Commission/Second wave for Draconatedz
  16. Status: Reserved - Commission/second wave for heromc