Xenenderson11's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Okay; so right now I'm accepting requests because I'm still very new to the commission system. Feel free to hit me up on what you want me to do but I'd prefer you check out my VSIBWO submission before you do anything else, and I'd much prefer you comment any requests there. PM me only if you want to remain anonymous. Be very specific with what you want since I only do writing and have absolutely no artistic talent otherwise.

Will Do / Won't Do

WILL DO: Any writing involving the following:
Soft Vore, Breast Vore (Nipple or Cleavage), Anal Vore, Unbirth, Tail Vore, and Naval Vore
Stuffing and Food Play Vore
F/F, F/M, F/H
H/F, H/M, H/H
M/F, M/M
M/H (Occasionally)
Furries, Scalies, and Aliens
Animals and Zoo
Feet and Fetish
Scat, Farting, & Other Filth
Sex, Vorgies, and Vorception
Digestion (Occasionally)
Full Tour and Non-Digestion
BBW's, SSBBW's, and Underaged
Macro/Micro and Same-Size
Domination and Taunting

WON'T DO: Anything with the following
Hard Vore, Hard Digestion, and Heavy Gore
Underage Digestion (The only real digestion I can't stand at all. Seriously, this is a good way to give me bad anxiety.)
Semi-Consensual (Depends on what kind; some kinds of this give me almost as bad of anxiety as Underaged Digestion, and some of it I tend to just simply enjoy.)
Cock-Vore (Much less preference and more that I'm terrible at doing CV and need more practice before it becomes something I do regularly)
Manly Prey
Micro/Macro (I mean, what the hell!?)
Animal Prey (Honestly depends on the animal in question; sentience, species, etc.)
Old characters (roughly above 50, relative to the character; so like I will do a 2,000 year old character as long as they look younger than 50)
Transformation (Seriously depends on what the transformation is.)
Anything too gross (which is saying something considering what I will do. Coprophagia and Diapers are among what I find too gross; There's a difference, leave me alone >~<)
Characters from franchises; this includes a number of things, with very few exceptions.

Exceptions to the character rule are Pokémon Characters (Games Only); Morrigan (Dark Stalkers); Midna, Zelda, Saria, and Ruto (LoZ); Touhou Characters; Monster Masume characters; and, rarely, MLP characters.