Yush's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No



Please note that I can only draw F pred and same size vore / bellies. But am open to Giantess too. Send me your idea and I will tell you if I am interested. Right now I am only taking trades or commissions. I can take anon commissions too. Payment upfront with Paypal.

Please note I will only accept if I am interested, no guarantees, but don't be afraid to try! Things are negotiable and I am somewhat flexible.

For timeline, I will try to do as fast as possible, but can be occupied at times.

Will Do / Won't Do

Usually will accept only Female pred same size, nothing else (of course, non-vore is absolutely gucci). See couple of past drawings for example of what I usually go for.

Won't do: Anything else; e.g. diapers, scat, creature, masculine, gore, rape, anal and unbirth (semi open for this one)

High Preference for:

Female Anime / manga characters. I draw mostly for cuteness.


*****Prices are all negociable-ish but this is what I would go around for*****:

7$ sketch.

17$ lines.

25$ flat colors, includes eye details.

35$ added touches (shadows, lighting, hair details, extra line corrections, etc.)

Detailed bulges depends on the belly size, but I'd say about 2$ per "character" bulge?

Background 5-10-20 depending on complexity and coloring choice. Included in sketch if just a small bench or somthing. Not used to doing them but totally able to.

Sequences: won't do unless very interested in the idea / you let me work super long term or if a very small sequence (2-3 panels or images) - although part 1 and part 2 would be ok.

Price may change (lower or higher) depending on complexity of outfit, details, extra characters or background, etc. As stated above - we can negociate :).


DM here :)


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