ad12345's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes


Hit me up in a PM if you have an idea.

Will Do / Won't Do

Won't do
-Rape/mind control/dubious consent
-Anything involving children(10 and younger).
-Ages 11-17 need to be clothed.
-Male prey(I don’t like it personally, but this is the one I’m most willing to bend on).

Will do
-Just about anything else


$13 per every 1,000 words


PM me.


  1. Status: Editing - Strip Club
  2. Status: In Progress - Photoshoot
  3. Status: In Progress - GG Hair Vore
  4. Status: Reserved - Guy and His Girlfriend
  5. Status: Reserved - More Moms
  6. Status: Reserved - Makoto and Ann
  7. Status: Reserved - Teacher/Student
  8. Status: Reserved - Willing Dragon
  9. Status: Reserved - Teachers and sorority
  10. Status: Open
  11. Status: Open
  12. Status: Open