axiabetty's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: Yes


Important © Copyright Notice - All rights reserved.
My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, sold, or uploaded in any way without my written permission.
Only commissioners and character owners may re-upload their artwork they have gotten from me, with proper credit.

Will Do / Won't Do

I draw: ferals/creatures/monsters/dragons, anthro/human/humanoids, FANDOMS (pokemons, digimons, MLP, SONIC), vehicles, armors and weapons, Mechas.

I will do:
-Hyper, Giants, Stuffing, Inflation
-any kind of Vore
-Digestion and Absorption
-anything Kinky
-Comics, Icons, Avatars, Refsheets

I won't do:
Racism and child in sexual themes


Prices may vary, depending on the details you want (with or without BG, Oc complexity and number of Ocs).
The prices listed are for SHADED arts!
Transparent or Gradient BG are free (Simple is +4€, detailed is +8€)
+50% original price per each Oc to add (unless it is a sale!)
Time Turn-around: from 3h to 4 days

- 3€ for avatars/icons
- 5€ for paws/genitals or portraits/mouth shots
- 7€ for Chiby art single / 10€ Couple
- 12€ for bust/halfbody art / 20€ Couple
- 18€ for fullbody art / 27€ Couple
- 30€ for detailed art (fullbody with BG, single) / 50€ Couple

The art will be scanned VERY WELL.
-1€ portrait sketch
-3€ fullbody sketch
-10-15€ sketchpage (5 fullbody and 3 portraits/closed up)

*Single Flats:
1 Telegram Sticker for 2€
5 for 8€
10 for 15€
*Single Shaded:
1 Telegram Sticker for 5€
5 for 18€
10 for 40€
flats are 5€ or shaded for 7€ each
x5 couple stickers: 20€ flats, 30€ shaded
x10 couple stickers: 32€ flats, 50€ shaded

- Simple refsheet for 20€ (flats fullbody front, halfbody back, infos & palette, paws closed up)
- Detailed refsheets start from 55€ (back,front, profile view, portrait with name, palette and infos, 2 closed ups and 3chiby clothes)
- 3 fullbody transformation pannel for 30€ (sfw or nsfw, digital with short story)
- 2 Ocs comic with 5 pannels for 40€ (sfw or nsfw, digital)
- Breeding art for 80€ (DIGITAL ONLY! Sexual scene + parents pregnancy art halfbody + 1 or 2 offsprings)


You can find me on telegram as: axiabetty
You can find me on discord as: @axiabetty#3780
You can send me a mail: [email protected]


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