bnnnnxg19's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: No

Accept Trades: No

Accept Commissions: No


To get a commission you sent me a PM with what you would like me to draw, that is, a detail description of the image and the characters you want. If you have any image reference of the characters, please provide them. Once I receive payment I will make a sketch of the drawing you want and sent it to you, when you approve the sketch I will draw the final version and send it to you.

*Very complex backgrounds with lots of details may influence the price*

*I also do Comics, but it will all depend on what you want. PM me with details and we will discuss prices. *

* Changes can be made when it's still on sketch, but too many changes will cost extra. On the final product there can be change, but it cost extra*

*Payment may only be made through Paypal*

Will Do / Won't Do

I hate poop


Line art: $21.21
This here is the drawing with just the lines, no effect or color. This is for 1 character. ($13.45 for each extra character)

Manga Style: $30.30
Line art with a manga coloring of black and white with effects. This is for 1 character. ($15.45 extra for each additional character.)

Full Color: Not open


PM me.


  1. Status: 90% - Manga Style for SpontaneousFlame
  2. Status: In Progress - Line art for TeruyukiKiryuin