brandon14's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: No


About this section, you better follow each category's rule. Read all of it or you will be injected with some poison inside of you (I am just joking with you guys. You think I do that? - The Writer of this profile).

1. Recoloring request is acceptable.
2. Stories are extremely acceptable because I like making stories.
3. Art is at the acceptable and unacceptable. Well, unacceptable that is.
4. Request anything that is in the won't do will might give you a warning.
5. When giving me a story request (mostly) in PMs, explain if the characters are OCs or characters that belong to their rightful owners.

1. If you do a trade with me, I will be doing only trade story.
2. If you don't post your trade art even though we still have the trade, then there will be consequences. If you know what I mean.
3. If you don't post your trade into your profile, then I will have to do this... myself!
4. Follow the rules of Will/Won't Do, or else you're gonna be the next meal.

Excuse me, what? Me no speak Commissions. x3

P.S. Any request or trade stuff will be posted in this profile. There are no excuses of preventing the post. If you are about insult me because of that, I will ignore it. :3

Will Do / Won't Do

About this section, it will list what I can accept and not accept so be careful on your choices when you do a trade or a request delivery on me. So what I... (A or B)

A: ...Won't do, which I am serious about that:
1. Hard Vore. Too gory, which is not my type. Better push that back to the garbage chute.
2. Any Foot Fetish or Armpit Fetish related principles. I mean, it's just messed up for me.
3. Inflation. Well, there is a reason and I did notice that inflation could lead to a fatal murder.
4. Weight Gain. Well, a little can do, but not too over. It should be sexy weight gain. You know, a sexy, fat, soft gut.
5. Art. Mostly because I am not an artist.
6. Planet Vore. Well, there is a reason why and if ya tell me to do that, I will be visiting a therapist. There is also another reason thanks to logic. To be honest, if you explain that idea, you will give me a ticket to therapy... and some money for pie. Thank you fucking very much.
7. Cooking Vore. Just like Hard Vore, quite gory if done like Hannibal, a chef who is a cannibal.
8. Size difference related principles. I just prefer Same Size and the reason is thanks to logic.
9. Mass Vore. Not too much Mass Vore. Don't want to cause an entire extinction and be a mass murderer, dummies. Just an amount similar huge squad or a population of an academy will do. Non-fatal mass vore is accepted. Fatal mass vore? I would claim that as serial and mass murder unless there is a resurrection part.
10. Furries. Remember, NO FURRIES IN MY PROFILE! I've seen enough real life furry cringe, okay?

B: ...Will do:
1. Any kind of fetish. From scat to quicksand to mud to watersports to anything you desire. -w-
2. Stories. Like, a fuckton of stories. Why? I am a writer, not an artist.
3. Trades only if you follow the rules just right. Doing it wrong will be a bad move.
4. Story requests. It should be a good one and it must have a summary for your story idea, which I will post it to here.
5. Micro/Macro. I mean, it is size difference but I like giants/giantesses devoured up by a shorter one. (Warning: Doing Micro/Macro when the Macro size is in overdrive will count as a "won't do."
6. Resurrection. I just don't like fatal stuff left behind.
7. Non-fatal. I just like non-fatal. If it's fatal, I think I might do it or not. :p
8. Sex. I mean, Aryion's an NSFW site, yes?

Warning: If you are forcing me to do the Won't parts for reals, then you might get a bit of a surprise once I upload the one you like even though I don't like it.


Pricing? Excuse me, please! Do I look like I am a person who knows the language of "Money" and "Pricing?" Go choose someone else that speaks in "Money" and/or "Pricing" language


If you want to contact me, use the following links or accounts if you have one:
Discord Tag: BrandonBCool#2165

Wait! What if you don't have Twitter or Discord? Well, PM me, silly!


  1. Status: Open for Trade - Waiting...
  2. Status: Open for Request - Waiting...