crime0edge's posted rules and status.

Accept Requests: Yes

Accept Trades: Yes

Accept Commissions: Yes

Will Do / Won't Do

Since I have written stories covering a range of subjects, I think I will adjust this slightly. Rather than being what I will/wont do, consider this what I prefer to write about and what I might write about but am less likely to do.

Specialise in:
Hair vore
Size difference - mini gts, giantess, shrinking
Femdom/ Assertive female preds
Shared clothing
Underage preds
Disgusting or over the top content

Less likely to write about:
Male preds - I have written a few stories about males preds in my time but they tend to have something about them I like. A simple boy eats girl story wont appeal to me. However if it involves a giant, squashing, hair vore, cock vore or any other of my interests then I am more likely to consider it.

Women getting abused - With the exception of being abused by another female or futa, I don't like depicting women suffering. If you want a female character getting vored then it needs to have a positive spin on it. Maybe she is aroused by it or merely enjoys it because it is being done by a friend.

Existing fictions - Most fictions I stay away from as I prefer to write about original characters. That said I am open to discussing the matter though I am most likely to accept fictions like Eiken, Marvel, DC and Mononoke Sharing

I am fine with people commissioning sequels, prequels or spin-offs to my existing stories or stories involving my OC's. However understand that I will be more picky about what I will or wont do.


Long story (over 3,000 words) - $20
Short story (under 3,000 words) - $10
Anything considerably more than 3,000 we can discuss

If a short story ends up going just over 3,000 then you wont be charged more

Payment by Paypal only
If you would rather pay with art or a story then we can discuss


PM me here
The more detail you give for your story the better
Time wise I'd say it could take between 1-3 weeks depending on my schedule however I will keep you posted if I feel I am taking too long
After writing it I will send it to you so you can ask if you want anything changing
Next you pay me whilst I work on changing anything you want and proof reading it
I will then send you the finished version and upload it onto my page crediting you as the commissioner
Feel free to upload it yourself but please credit me as the writer


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